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As mentioned earlier, ear piercing does not result in any health issues as such, but still individuals who pierce their ears are more prone to a number of microbial infections in the initial weeks of ear piercing. In some cases inflammation of the perichondrium or perichondritis may also lead to ear piercing infection and therefore it becomes necessary to seek medical advice as soon as the symptoms are suspected. Ear piercing infection is not always caused on piercing the ear, but this could not be neglected as the chances are not nil. Uneven and rough surface present on the earring that may result in repetitive scratching on the wound. Allergic reaction to the metal used for ear piercing, especially nickel allergy, which is more commonly found in children and teenagers.
Soaking cotton ball in an Epsom salt solution or in sea salt and applying it on the affected area for about five minutes is also very helpful.
Individuals suffering from keloids, bleeding and easily prone to infections resulting from staphylococcus must avoid any kind of ear piercing.
Application of antibiotic cream on pierced region regularly before bedtime and after a shower. Keeping the telephone and similar things sterilized and clean helps in preventing the ears from getting infected and also reduces the chances of ear piercing infection since they come in direct contact with the ear.
Wash the hands thoroughly before touching the earrings since hands are generally dirty and may lead to ear piercing infection.
The Donation Process II The donor must read the information presented about testing for diseases, HIV symptoms, etc.
Parts of the blood Blood is the fluid circulating in the body that carries nutrients and oxygen, removes waste products and fights infection. An Automobile Accident Victim Up to 50 units of red blood cells An Organ Transplant Recipient Up to 40 units of red blood cells 30 units of platelets 25. Sometimes as fashion sometimes as a trend whatever the reason may be, ear piercing has not only touched human life, but has become a part of human life. Ear piercing infection must be treated as soon as possible as negligence for a prolonged period may result in severe painful condition and spreading of infection to the entire area of the ear. Ear piercing infection is caused due to entry of the microbes and germs on the skin through the pierced area. Antibiotics are the medicines usually prescribed and the initial step taken to treat ear piercing infection.

Dipping a cotton ball in this preparation and applying it on the affected area for about five minutes is helpful in treating the infection.
Doing this not only dehydrates, but also kills all the microorganisms on the skin and helps in preventing ear infections. If the earring is removed and the hole closes there are high chances that the infection will get trapped and lead to further complications. Age: Between 17 and 71 birthday (regular donor), or between 17 and 61 birthday (first- time donor).
First time donors will be given a “First Time Donor” sticker to inform nurses to be more attentive. A nurse takes the donor into a private room where more questions are asked about the donor to further check eligibility. Definition ( Blood Transfusion ) Is the process of transferring blood or blood-based products from one person.
Founded in 1968 as the Central Kentucky Blood Center, we have grown to cover half the state.
Objectives Definition of BLOOD TRANSFUSION Blood Facts Why we Donate Blood Health Benefits of Blood Donation Selection. Blood- the life source Slide 1: Blood is a scarce and vital national resource which cannot be synthesized. Blood - the life source Slide 1: Blood is a scarce and vital resource which saves lives and improves the health of millions.
Circulatory System Carries blood with oxygen and nutrients to all cells in the body (also called the cardiovascular.
In spite of excruciating and sharp pain caused during piercing the ear, people still love to move on with this practice. Teenagers and children are even more susceptible to ear piercing infection and hence it becomes necessary to keep information on causes, symptoms and treatment for ear piercing infection. However, there are also certain easy and useful home remedies available for treating ear piercing infection. RED BLOOD CELLS (Erythrocytes) – The most abundant cells in our blood; they are produced in the bone.
Apart from this, ear piercing also holds religious importance in certain regions of the world.

Much better would be following preventive measures so that the ear piercing infection does not occur in the first place.
A series of questions are provided on the back of the donor’s information printout to check eligibility. Lastly, a ‘Yes, use my blood,’ or ‘No, don’t use my blood’ sticker is available for donors to put on their information sheet in private, without the nurse present.
From a medical standpoint, ear piercing may make the ear susceptible to ear piercing infection. However, I wondered if I would be able to deal with the oppressive nobles and achieve my aim.
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