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GOFAR Services, LLC - Appliance Repair Houston, TX - Chapter 7UNUSUAL COMPLAINTS andSTORIES FROM THE TRENCHESOccasionally you will run into an unusual problem that requires you to scratch your head a bit. Hi, i have a ford ranger 2004 2.3L, i currently installed a custom cold air intake (i will post picture later on) and after about 2-3 hours of driving it my check engine light went on.
Unfortunately you've wasted an incredible amount of time and money on a bunch of products that don't actually give you any performance gain and just cause problems. The hissing is the air filter on the CAI, oh and by the way that is a hot air intake, the unit you took out was actually a cold air intake. Yeah that intake is just sucking hot air from around the engine and causing a loss of power actually. You installed a hot air intake, and yes the hissing sound is coming from the intake filter.
What happened here is the Primary HEGO is seeing mixtures leaner than expected because unmetered air is sneaking because the MAF isn't properly calibrated or designed to work with the intake you made. What i did was i unplugged that battery when i was installing and then when i was done a reconnected.
I started that truck and at first the idle was rough (like it was about to die) a few seconds later it was ok. That's because your truck starts in open loop, with the HEGO being ignored and the factory open loop map is used, shortly after, it switches back to close loop and it uses HEGO feedback to scale the maps, Positive % in your situation.
So if this setting is a hot air, then what are those cold air intakes that other brand advertise? KM900 Arena is the latest hit from the smaller Korean company and it’s really fuc… well, I can’t really write that here, let’s just say it kicks ass.
In the last couple of year LG grew a lot, and opposed to others it now seems that they won’t go and blow up. It’s not a cheap handset, the customers will have to pay about 375 euros to get it, one could get an unlocked iPhone 3G for that, that’s sure. It might be a shame, but I’ve only taken a close look at the packaging when I was looking for the manual. It’s not the design that shocked me, it’s one of a doze, there’s a large display, a minimal amount of buttons on the sides (for the volume and the camera), but the materials used are really high-quality ones. The first disappointment happens when we open the small slide on the left (which is a fantastic idea), as we get to see a proprietary LG connector, which isn’t compatible with anything else. The dominant part of the front is a 3” capacitive display, which has a resolution of – take a deep breath – 480 x 600 pixels, which is a rare thing on phones, we could have only seen it on Sony Ericsson X1 and HTC Touch HD. LG Arena is the first phone to have the manufacturer’s own, completely redesigned menu system called S-Class UI.
Let’s start with a scenario when the “keypad” lock (which is rather a screen lock) is active. The menu system has two views, we first have the four dedicated screens I’ve mentioned, which are in fact the sides of a cube and we can switch between them by stroking the screen from left to right or from right to left. It might be due to the capacitive display, but I think it’s also because of the fine resolution that the chance of mistyping is practically minimal, I’ve never in my life have seen such a good virtual keyboard, although I’ve though after BlackBerry Storm that there will be nothing more to be seen in this industry. As for the features, the messaging menu has an SMS and MMS editor, it displays these in a chronological order, we can read them only in a vertical view, the screen can be rotated only during editing. We’re still not done, as LG Arena can display all kinds of Office documents with Picsel Viewer.
I have to deal with the multimedia features separately, as there are so many important things to write about the camera and the music player, that I could fill more than two pages. We should hold the phone horizontally, the most important settings (focus, flash, white balance) are accessible on the right, but if we tap the cogwheel, we get a cool, rotating submenu where we can set image size, quality, focusing method, the image stabilizer, image sequencing and the self timer.
Exposure is not very fast, we should hold the phone still after the sound effect, or the image might get blurry. The device is strong in video recording, we can record movies at 720 x 480 pixels, and there are such settings like making the phone pay attention to sounds coming from the front or the back. Although we had some minor problems with the camera, we’ll be surely satisfied with the musical part. If we rotate the phone, the player gets reorganized: the album cover is placed on the right, the visualization gets larger, while the track list stays on the left.
Sound quality is not bad on the handsfree either, as the metal case improves things big time, but it’s time to get the headset out of the box, which will change everything. There is an FM radio as well, with automatic station tuning, RDS and a cool user interface, where we can scroll the tune wheel with our finger. Locally we have stereo Bluetooth 2.0 and there’s a USB cable in the box, which can charge the handset from the PC. Besides these we shouldn’t forget that the phone has a GPS receiver too, which locates our position very quickly, thanks to the AGPS technology, which uses cell information too. Ahogyan barmely honlap, ugy a Prohardver lapcsalad oldalai is sutiket hasznalnak a mukodeshez. Az EU-s jogszabalyok ertelmeben fel kell hivnunk a figyelmet, hogy oldalaink sutiket (cookie) hasznalnak.
If you know the basic systems and what they do, you can usually figure out what's going on.
As to my knowledge i installed a cold air based on the products that i see from K&N other cold intake brand. They are drinking fine wines together, while Sony Ericsson and Motorola can at most stare at them from the outside and look how the Finnish and the two Koreans light up a cigar. Besides the two Pradas and the Viewty they are now breaking sales records with KP500 Cookie, but the subject of our current review has hit the market only a couple of weeks ago in more lucky parts of the world, and it already has sales above two million.
This is a touchscreen phone too, so everyone keeps comparing it to Apple’s phone; we won’t do that. Of course this has its reasons, I’ll detail it later on, but there’s one more thing that’s a rare occurrence. There are of course 16 million colors, the technology is TFT, readability is not perfect in bright sunlight, although LG’s designers used bright colored icons on the black wallpaper. There are some small labels telling us that this is a professional phone, besides the 5 megapixel text we can observe a Dolby Mobile logo.
No, this is not an operating system, but a graphical interface and in the future it will appear on other models, so we’ll take a close look at it right now, as it’s really nice and complex.
In this case, by pressing the power button on the top the display comes alive, and by long-pressing the unlock button on the bottom, it rotates and pops up one of the four dedicated screens. This is already cool, but we can spice it up even more by tapping the middle on-screen button, when the menu really becomes a cube that can be rotated and by tapping on a side we can select it and it will be displayed on fullscreen again. We can place a total of nine icons (shortcuts) on the one with a bluish background, and practically we can put anything here. We can edit the screens by long-pressing a selected element and then the interface becomes editable. As soon as we want to get to different features from the main menu, we can notice some slowdown. LG Arena is exceptionally great in this matter, as the gyroscope works when entering text, so the display is rotated and we get a QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard, however, is world champion, and the default layout has special characters, so this gets such a huge bonus point that won’t fit on the 3” screen. We can access the countdown timer from the same place, while the alarm clock has two parts, there is a “widget alarm”, which can be configured from the brown panel, and there is the standard alarm, which has every possible configuration option. The stopwatch has lap timing, notes do exactly what they have to, while the world clock has a list view, but as we add a new city, we’ll have a nicely designed, rotatable globe.
This is a cool feature on such a high resolution display and the gyroscope works over here too, but what’s even more is that this is the first place where we can make use of the multitouch feature.
We get a 5 megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach lens for taking pictures, and there is also a LED flash to provide some additional light, and of course there’s autofocus as well, which has two settings: infinite and macro mode. There is geotagging support, while ISO value can be set between 100 and 800, and the software supports face recognition as well.
Of course video clips recorded at 30 fps take up a lot of memory, here’s 36 second recording, where a beautiful lady greets our readers, straight from Hungary (I just wrote this so that you click on it) and it takes up over 9 megabytes. Movies are played back without any lags and at the pictures we can again use the multitouch, which is again very practical. After launching the player, it looks around the internal memory and the memory card, checking for files it supports and provides us a list, sorted alphabetically by track titles. Of course the player can run in the background, and the best part is yet to follow: there is an FM transmitter, which can be used for broadcasting music to a radio. We will need the headset to be plugged in, there’s no Dolby support here, but of course the quality is still okay.

The multitouch display comes in handy again, as we can zoom pages, which works okay, but a more complex website makes things slow down, and there’s no option like on Apple phones and Opera Mobile which makes a part of the webpage grow on a double-tap. It won’t do anything else before we install the provided software, which includes a modem driver as well. The phone has Google Maps installed, which requires internet connection it doesn’t support turn by turn navigation, and since Arena has a closed operating system, we can’t install iGO, Garmin, Sygic or any other software.
The high resolution screen consumes a lot of energy, and you just have to play around with the phone, so it won’t stay online for more than two days. They have learned so much about making phones in a couple of years, like Samsung did, starting a bit earlier.
Ezek miniatur, artalmatlan fajlok, melyeket az on gepere helyezunk el, hogy a szolgaltatasaink hasznalatat egyszerubbe tegyuk az on szamara.
Following is a smattering of some of the more unusual or flukey things that I've run into as a home service technician:7-1 KID CAPERSIf your fridge is warm, always check your controls first. Apple is different, he can come in as well, he always wears a trendy dress, but he can’t communicate with the trio, as he doesn’t speak the Bluetooth language. Just like many phone we’ve reviewed recently, this one has been announced in Barcelona as well, and of course we’ve been playing around with it over there already, but on that occasion it didn’t really turn out if this is good or not. This device has a closed operating system, it would rather be a rival of Samsung S8300, even though it has much better specs than iPhone. As I’ve taken the phone and the battery out, I wasn’t interested in anything else, as LG Arena is astonishing at first sight (and at second too). It’s trendy, but high-quality, while the display is theoretically scratch-resistant, and there aren’t any more components, this is how everyone else should do it. We might become even happier when we observe that the headset that comes with the phone is an in-ear type, and seems to be a high quality one. Above the display we can see the secondary camera and the speaker, while on the display’s frame, on the left of the LG logo, there is a distance meter, which detects how close our head is, so we won’t tap the display with our facial hair during a call. Around the camera we can see the Schneider-Kreuznach label, also seen on some other LG models, which makes us remember some really pleasant, high-quality pictures. By the way we always get back to the same place where we’ve locked the screen, so if we’ve put the phone down when reading messages, we’ll get back right there.
The one with the brown background is reserved for widgets, this can be scrolled vertically as well, and we can pull widgets on it from the bottom row. But – and this can be seen through a small shake-like animation as soon as we enter the menu – we can pull the rows with our finger, so we can see four additional icons per row. There’s a solution for this too, as the phone supports multitasking, we can have up to nine applications running in the background. When held vertically, we have to use a standard phone keypad, so if both of our hands are free, we should use the landscape view and the full QWERTY keyboard.
The email client is in a separate menu item and I’ve been surprised on first launch that Arena can communicate with Exchange servers. This includes the ringtone, vibration rhythm and power, displayed text, repeat times and snooze time. At the sound recorder we can choose between MMS-sized recording or we can record until the memory fills up, in my case this meant 549 hours. The gallery loads thumbnails quickly and if we tilt the phone, the photos slide in very spectacularly, and it’s not even annoying. We don’t have to stick with this, as we can sort the tracks by artist, album and genre as well. It has a range of about 5-6 meters, which should be enough for using it inside a car, although quality is not stable, sometimes we can hear some hissing.
Volume and sound quality are great, and this is when we select Dolby from the equalizer, and we’ll have a really shocking experience.
I found LG Arena exceptionally good in terms of music, even more if I compare it to an average mobile phone. If this wouldn’t be enough, we can use WLAN as well, which has a medium sensitivity and supports WPA2 encryption. Of course it still works, we can even watch YouTube videos without a problem, but there would have been room for some improvement. We should forget about USB charging, it takes a lot of time, a wall plug is the ideal solution, as this way the battery is charged in two hours. I don’t know who is in head of the KM900 Arena project at LG, but he should receive at least a worker of the year award. A sutiket termeszetesen letilthatja a bongeszojeben, azonban ha az Elfogadom feliratu gombra kattint, akkor elfogadja azok hasznalatat.
Many a time, I was called to someone's house on a "warm fridge" complaint, only to find that the controls had been magically shut off. When the little darlings of the household were queried about this divine occurrence, you could literally see the halo forming around their heads. The memory card can be accessed by taking the back panel off, but fortunately the battery doesn’t have to be taken out.
The green screen is for our favorite contacts, while the purple page displays selected multimedia contents. We cannot only organize contents of the multimedia and the contact list panel like on the iPhone, but all the stuff is placed on a cool spindle, and we can spin it with a finger. We can switch between these with the square-shaped touchkey between the call handling buttons, and using this method we get a lightning fast speed.
Scrolling is basically great, but that’s no use if we have tons of contacts, we need to search. Furthermore it’s so intelligent that it detects what operator’s SIM card is in use and automatically configures the email address provided by the network. In order to set it up, we have to turn the arms of a clock, this has a sunny sky displayed between 6 AM and 6 PM, while outside this interval we can see a starry sky.
Well, yeah, it’s easy to do that, there’s 8 GB of on-board memory… The recorder can be accessed during calls and it stores the voice of both parties. Additionally we have the M-Toy menu, which includes three applications that use the gyroscope, none of them are a big deal. Some of them are really good, but noise filtering is sometimes too powerful, and it’s completely useless on other pictures, as there is still very much noise left on the picture. Suddenly we can separate the instruments used, and the already good performance gets much, much better, our jawbone will match the rhythm of the bass and I personally found myself sitting with the headset at 2 AM, listening to my favorite tracks on a mobile phone.
Of course this requires a browser as well, since the resolution will be enough to have a great experience.
Software updates can be done via the same application, there is a separate note about this in the manual, although I can’t guess if there will be a new software available. It’s not a cheap one, as it costs about 375 euros, but this includes everything that one could expect from a phone that has no open operating system.
Im also thinking about putting a catback exhaust system or just a muffler, which one is better? As for the hot intake, i understand that it gets air from the engine compartment, which is hot.
The contact list, messaging, the dialer and the menu’s icon is displayed on the bottom row of all four screens.
It’s a cool, well though-out system, but this is not all, as I didn’t mention the main menu yet. There’s a quicksearch on the top, first I thought it filters the list only if we click on the arrow after typing the letters, but that’s not correct. Besides these we can set up additional email accounts and there is a wizard to help the user in the process. Four kinds of entries can be stored and there is a separate option for holidays, so this means a total of five, and we can have a total of 500 entries.
Of course one could do without such tricks, but the S-Class menu is full of such delicacies and you can see new ideas in every menu, and these don’t affect functionality at all.
Besides the usual dices and the wheel of fortune (as seen on KM500) we also have a ping pong game. On one of the images we can see chromatic aberration as well, but this time it’s not purple like on some Sony Ericsson models, but bright green. Here we can see some additional eye-candy, as the currently played back track’s row gets larger, the album cover is displayed and there is a nice little visualization running in the background, which can be changed. As a bonus we get a bleeding edge display and high quality materials, the best part being the S-Class menu system, which has more ideas and innovation than any other mobile communication device that has been launched since iPhone. Standing beside the refrigerator that hadn't moved an inch in all of his (or her) six years, the child would inevitably reply: "What refrigerator, Mom?" I'm sure that my soul will burn in hell, but it was no moral dilemma for me to charge the 30 dollar service fee in such cases. In many cases the image stabilizer didn’t help, and the picture got blurry, this is mostly due to the delayed exposure.

One fellow whose unit I "fixed" in this way lost well over 500 dollars worth of meats from his packed-full deep freezer. Only one time did I see a truly unexplainable occurrence of the controls getting shut off. The other option is to use the search function from the options menu, which works faster, but we don’t know why. We can take relatively good pictures, but we have to pay a lot of attention, and this makes the point of mobile phone photography loose its meaning a bit.
This was a single lady of about 55 with no kids, who had owned the refrigerator for over 25 years.
The pop-up text entry window displays a virtual phone keypad, which is okay, but filtering is really slow. Each contact can have quite a large amount of extra details attached, a photo and a ringtone as well, so this is okay.
We can select our “favorite” contacts, these will be displayed on one of the four panels I’ve described before. You might save yourself a lotta time, trouble, and expense.7-2 THE HOLE-IN-THE-WALL GANGOne of the more perplexing problems that I ran into was a young couple (with 4 or 5 kids) that had a warm fridge. Upon investigation, I discovered that the Freon tubes leading to andfrom the evaporator (above it on their side-by-side fridge) were heavily frosted with clear, solid ice. Also, the wires leading to the evaporator fan and defrost heater were heavily caked with solid ice. I didn't understand that frost pattern at all, and I was rushed that day, so I replaced the defrost timer and melted the ice, fully figuring I'd get a callback.
Same problem, same weird frost pattern.I took off the evaporator cover panel and just stood there and STARED at the thing for about ten minutes. But at least the kids didn't do it this time. 7-3 DOOR SEALS AND ALIGNMENTI personally think that door seals are one of the most misunderstood pieces of the refrigerator. Ask a do-it-yourselfer about why his fridge is warm, and the first thing he'll say after "I don't do Freon" is "but let's check the door seals." Door seals rarely have problems over the life of the fridge. The only ones I've seen go bad are in households that have dogs or cats that like to chew or sharpen their claws on them, or kids (there's those pesky kids again) that like to climb or hang on the refrigerator door.
A really bad door seal problem ismost likely to show up as a defrost problem, due to humid air getting into the fridge. Door seals are magnetically held to the door frame and mullions. A magnetic tip may prevent you from going crazy trying to hold the driver, the screw and the seal at the same time. The idea is to prevent the plastic inner door liner (or shelving) from drifting around — if you have to re-align it, it can be a long, frustrating, trial-and-error process.
The new seal will fit in the same way as the old one came out.You are much more likely to have a door alignment problem or warping. If the measurements indicate that the door is badly out of alignment, re-align it be loosening the hinges slightly (one hinge at a time) and shifting the door around.
If it's metal, you may be able to bend it slightly to solve your problem.7-4 MOVING DAYIf you have to move your fridge for any reason, make sure that you keep it upright. If you turn it on its side there's a strong probability that the compressor oil will run out of the compressor and into the condenser, and when you start the fridge, the compressor will burn out within a few hours or even minutes, for lack of lubrication. I've heard of people getting lucky and getting away with it; maybe they just happened to lay it on the "lucky" side of the fridge.
If your fridge has been laid on its side, stand it upright again but don't plug it in for a day or two. Just hope that either the oil drains back into the compressor or that it didn't run out in the first place. 7-5 A SHOCKING EXPERIENCE (MULLION HEATERS)Once I was called to the home of a little old dog-breeder who had complained of beingshocked while opening his refrigerator door.
When I arrived, I couldn't feel anything at all — until once I happened to be leaning against the metal door of his oven (opposite his fridge) when I touched his door — ZAP!
I put a volt meter between the two doors and discovered 50 volts!! It turned out that the mullion (anti-sweat) heater (see section 4-1) in his door had shorted, and was grounding wherever it could — right through him to the oven door.
I disabled the heater by disconnecting and insulating the heater leads at the base of the door, where they went into the fridge. This story is made even more interesting by the fact that the little old dog-breeder's wife had just had open-heart surgery and a pacemaker installed three weeks before. I shudder to think what could have happened had she touched the fridge. Another interesting observation about mullion heaters is that if your fridge starts to become warm, one of the first signs may be that the door jamb start to feel downright hot.
This happens when the refrigerator is no longer removing heat from the doorframe and the mullion heater inside. Upon investigation, I found that a mouse, apparently seeking the warmth of the compressor, had crawled into there and died (whether from the heat of the compressor or from getting struck by the condenser fan, I don't know.) Anyway, he got stuck to the floor pan near the condenser fan and as he dried out, his feet and tail curled up until they finally got stuck in and stopped the condenser fan.
This can cause electrical problems, or loose insulation might get caught in the condenser fan. Icemakers have a water solenoid valve mounted on the back of the fridge, usually behind the back bottom panel, and a water tube that leads straight up the back of the fridge to the icemaker. Door dispensers have a similar water solenoid valve with a water tube that leads beneath the fridge and into the door through a hollow hinge. Some units were built with a removable interior shelf that also shut off the light by contacting the door switch. If the light does not shut off well before the door is fully closed, test the switch and look at its closing mechanism and see what's happening.7-9 BAD ODORSTo my experience, this is one of the toughest problems to solve. I have been called out on a variety of "bad odor" complaints, and rarely are they solvable.
Modern fridges, with few exceptions, have plastic interiors that do absorb odors to some degree, rather than the porcelain interiors standard in days of yore. If you have an odor problem, it may help to keep an open box of baking soda in there, or to wash out the interior of the fridge with a very mild bleach solution. If your fridge has had a meltdown (thawed out with everything in it), try pulling off whatever panels you can and see if any meat blood or other smelly stuff has gotten under them. Styrofoam panels can absorb odors, too, but try washing with a mild soap solution. One semi-solvable odor problem that I ran into was a fellow whose fire-engine red fridge was getting warm and it had an absolutely acrid smell within. It turned out that the defrost heater lead within the defrost compartment had shorted out and burned off a bunch of its heavy rubber insulation, then melted itself so the defrost system was not working. I fixed the fridge, but I do not know if he ever got out the burnt-rubber smell.7-10 FIX THE LITTLE STUFFHave you had a broken door catch or handle?
Plastic parts are usually not that expensive; though things like shelves usually must be gotten through the dealer or factory warehouse.
Special appliance light bulbs are a couple of bucks at your nearest appliance parts dealer.
How much is your peace of mind worth?7-11 STRANGE NOISESActually, there aren't too many things in a fridge that can cause a lot of noise.
A few that you might commonly hear are: A rattling or a buzzing noise might be coming from the evaporator or condenser fan hitting something. It may also be that the defrost drain pan or compressor mounts are loose and something is vibrating a bit. A whistling or warbling sound usually is coming from the evaporator fan motor.
Replace as described in section 4-3. A hissing or gurgling sound might happen for a few minutes after the compressor shuts off. If there is no evaporator fan running, you may hear the Freon gurgling through the evaporator at any time the fridge is running.7-12 FIRE IN THE FRIDGE!!!Okay, you're the tech. You get a frantic call from a customer saying there's a red glow in the bottom of the freezer in his side-by-side; he's afraid that something's burning. What do you do? If you're me, you grab a screwdriver, reach down to the defrost timer and set it on "defrost" again. Then you reach into your tool kit for your trusty, dusty extendable inspection mirror. You show the customer, via the mirror, the red-glowing defrost heater. You explain the defrost system and why he's never noticed a red glow before: When the light bulb was working, the interior of the fridge was so bright that he just couldn'tsee that dim red glow. If you know the basic systems and what they do, you can usually figure out what's going on. If you turn it on its side there's a strong probability that the compressor oil will run out of the compressor and into the condenser, and when you start the fridge, the compressor will burn out within a few hours or even minutes, for lack of lubrication. If your fridge has been laid on its side, stand it upright again but don't plug it in for a day or two. When I arrived, I couldn't feel anything at all — until once I happened to be leaning against the metal door of his oven (opposite his fridge) when I touched his door — ZAP! This story is made even more interesting by the fact that the little old dog-breeder's wife had just had open-heart surgery and a pacemaker installed three weeks before. How much is your peace of mind worth?7-11 STRANGE NOISESActually, there aren't too many things in a fridge that can cause a lot of noise.

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