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Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Sumner Tainter, and Chichester Bell—collectively the Volta Laboratory Associates—conducted a wide range of sound experiments. They researched various techniques to record and play back sound, including photography and magnetic reproduction. Their experiments led to commercial innovations—most notably the wax cylinder record and the graphophone, a machine to record and play back cylinders.
The experimenters—Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester Bell, and Charles Sumner Tainter—imagined their invention would mainly serve as a business machine, for taking dictation or recording telephone conversations.
Below is pictured an experimental wax disc that contains the only confirmed recording of the voice of Alexander Graham Bell. They built machines for both cylinder and disc records and even a kind of recorder for use with waxed paper tape.

This photograph, taken inside the laboratory, shows the apparatus of an experiment to record sound photographically.
So their goal was to find the best combination of materials and methods to record clear speech. Sometimes they quote Shakespeare, other times they count or repeat just a single word to test how clearly the word could be recorded.
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They sought a durable recording medium and investigated materials of all sorts, alone and in combinations.
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