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Using 3D printing Widex was the first company to produce some of the world's smallest, most comfortable hearing aids, that fits perfectly in each individual ear canal. CAMISHA injects impression material (liquid silicone) in the ear to create an impression of the hearing aid user's ear canal. Finally, the microcircuitry, consisting of a microphone, a receiver, a battery, and an almost microscopic computer chip, are inserted into the plastic shell. Today, the CAMISHA process is used throughout the hearing industry for 95 percent of all custom hearing aids, and over its lifetime, the patent has been worth more than 10 million Euros to Widex. In this type of hearing aid, the electronic circuit is housed and concealed inside the temple pieces.

Presented by the European Patent Office, these prestigious honors recognize outstanding inventors for their contributions to social, economic, and technological progress.
It is then scanned into a computer program and the information is converted into a 3D image.
Normally background noise is absolutely a problem for all of us, especially for hearing aid users.
While you can get a conventional hearing aid for a few hundred dollars, the CAMISHA produced models range from about $1,000-$3,000 per device. We're living longer, we tend to listen to music more often and more loudly; it's just as well that hearing aid technology is advancing so dramatically.

These aids are recommended for treating trans missive or mixed hypoacusis, or whenever it is physically impossible to use aerial conduction devices (otitis media, otosclerosis, radical mastoidectomy, otorrhea, ear canal stenosis, etc.). A small receiver in the arm of the glasses rests comfortably behind the ear and vibrates in response to sound.
The data is transferred to the 3D printer and a powerful laser is used to build the shell or ear mold in photo-acrylic gel layer by layer.

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