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Local Rite Aid representatives presented the award and check donation to Beth McIntosh, Savannah Speech and Hearing Center executive director, and Sharon Brookshire, president of Savannah Speech and Hearing Center board of directors, at the Rite Aid store located at 10402 Abercorn St. Savannah Speech and Hearing Center, a nonprofit organization serving the speech pathology and audiology needs of the Coastal Empire, was pleased to accept a $5000 award donation for participating in The Rite Aid Foundation’s Big Hearts Give Challenge.
Savannah Speech and Hearing Center, a local Rite Aid KidCents charity, was challenged by The Rite Aid Foundation to raise awareness, grow their donor network and earn additional funds for their organization by encouraging others to enroll in Rite Aid’s wellness+ with Plenti program and select Savannah Speech and Hearing Center as their local KidCents charity of choice.
If you have ever heard a microphone screech so loud you cringed, then you know what Megan Aanstoos experiences with her hearing aids. The Colorado State University biomedical engineering doctoral student ran into this problem when she was looking into buying a new hearing aid, which cost $5,000. Aanstoos had the idea of developing special covers that would enable the aids to work while also protecting the devices from hair and other potential interferences.
Together, the two brainstormed about the covers and Egan, who now is earning a master’s degree in architecture, came up with some designs. They worked on a few iterations to make the earpiece covers more usable, Aanstoos also gathered input from her audiologist and her patients. By the end of the summer, Egan and Aanstoos had created a few prototypes for other hearing aid users to test.
Although she ended up purchasing an aid that didn’t need a cover, she wants her 3D printed covers to progress and help others who might need them.
Student writer and intern for the Division of External Relations at Colorado State University. Two cows in the Laramie Foothills Bison Conservation Herd calved May 6 and May 10 on sweeping public grasslands north of Fort Collins. Freshman Norman Revere has shared his passion for astronomy and astrophotography with the College of Natural Sciences Learning Community.
One of our clients, Audiology & Hearing Center, wanted to run a contest that would help them grow their Facebook Likes and build an email database that they could use to market an event that they had coming up.
The registration form for the contest was designed strategically to identify qualified leads for the advertisers.
Would you be interested in attending a lunch and learn discussing hearing loss and the new technology available?
Plus, to help Audiology & Hearing Center achieve their Facebook and database growth goals, we included both an optional Facebook Like button and a pre-checked email opt-in on the registration page.

The opt-in, which read “Would you like to receive e-mail newsletters and special offers from Audiology and Hearing Center?” clearly communicated the kinds of content people could expect to receive if they opted in.
We brought in $5,000 in revenue as a result of the contest, and the contest received 359 entries, which was a great result, especially considering the small niche to which we were marketing and the fact that that audience skews older. 164 people (45% of all contest entrants) said that they plan to purchase a hearing aid within the next year, and of those, 54% plan to finance their purchase. Plus, 217 people (60% of entrants) opted in to receive emails from the Audiology & Hearing Center and 55 people (15% of entrants) indicated that they would like to have someone from the center contact them by phone. Sara Droke is the Director of Emerging Media for WPSD Local6, a television station in Paducah, KY. Selling PromotionsBefore your next sales call, be sure to download the Seller’s Guide to Promotions. What’s the Promotions Lab?The Promotions Lab is your resource for all things promotions. More About Online PromotionsThe world of online promotions are exploding and present an exciting opportunity for local media. Why We’re ExpertsFor over a decade, Second Street has partnered with more than 3,000 local media companies and help them succeed in the online promotions space. Taking advantage of the buzz that is heating up as we near CES 2012, Panasonic has announced its newest line of hearing aid devices that feature Bluetooth connectivity. While the R1-W brings convergence for hearing assistance with everyday tasks, it’s definitely late to the party. John Vlad and Jack Vlad at Vlad Audiology & Hearing Aids in Peterborough have provided personalized hearing services since 1988. Expert tips, local blogger round-ups and unbeatable deals in your area, all in one weekly email. Once a charity is selected, the next time the customer shops at Rite Aid, their purchase is rounded up to the nearest dollar and their change is designated to their selected charity.
She decided to work on her own solution with the help of CSU’s Idea-2-Product 3D printing laboratory.
She had an idea for the covers but needed help designing and printing them. Prawel, in turn, connected her to Craig Egan, who was working in the lab over the summer, assisting students and users with the 3D scanners and printers.
While Egan is now in Denver pursuing his master’s degree, Aanstoos hopes to gather enough feedback from testers and keep the project going.

The prize was a perfect fit for the promotion and its goals, because it was valuable enough to encourage lots of entries and specific enough to ensure only relevant entries. 96 respondents (26% of entrants), also indicated that they would be interested in a Lunch & Learn event. Find trends, case studies, best practices, and more from our in-house deals and contesting experts and from industry leaders in the space.
Online promotions - such as contests, deals, coupons and sweepstakes – increase consumer awareness of an advertiser and encourage measurable consumer interaction with advertisers. Our private-label products include a custom contesting engine, a ballot tool, a deals platform, an email & SMS marketing tool, and a UGC photo sharing and photo selling platform.
Competing manufacturers have long since had Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, and have since moved on to working to create waterproof units for individuals that lead active lifestyles.
KidCents was developed by The Rite Aid Foundation to provide Rite Aid customers an opportunity to do even more to help the kids in the communities Rite Aid serves. Plus, Starkey donated the prize in a co-op deal, and the marketing group that advises their client takes watched the contest closely so they could recreate it in other markets if it was a success (which it most definitely was!). One of the areas where the R1-W really shines is the battery life that it’s reported to get.
Panasonic is claiming that the ear pieces can go for 300 hours before needing a fresh set of batteries, which is really quite impressive.There are some downsides, however, to using Bluetooth with a hearing aid. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. Call us or see our website for details about our featured brands of hearing aids and devices. The technology requires that you carry a transmitter on your belt to relay the sound signal to the matching earpieces. The range for Bluetooth is relatively short, especially for high quality signal transmission. The standard retail cost for devices of this nature is between $5000 and $6000, which makes them a big ticket item for the everyday consumer.

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