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Technical SchoolHearing AidsYour audiologist will recommend and fit your child with two hearing aids.
Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for download. The hearing aid products we supply in conjunction with our audiology services are the most advanced in the industry. Whether this is your first or tenth time buying hearing aid products, please refer to our Guide to Hearing Aids for some helpful tips on things to be aware of when purchasing hearing aids. Hearing aids are adjusted so that the amplification they provide is matched to your child’s specific degree of hearing loss for that ear.

We stay on top of developments in order to provide patients with the best hearing rehabilitation available to them. Filter out unwanted noise caused by airflow or wind Deliver direct, powerful, and smooth sound right into your ear.
You should mark the hearing aids with a red dot (with paint or nail polish) for the right ear to avoid mixing the two hearing aids. The microphone converts sound signals into electric energy that is then increased in amplitude by the amplifier. It is important to remember that hearing aids amplify all sounds in the environment and not just speech sounds.

This allows the amplified signal to be sent back into the ear in a clearer quality for the user. These range from providing very little amplification for mild hearing losses, to significant amplification for profound hearing losses.

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