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Most digital hearing aids use Zinc Air batteries.  It is important to understand how they work to get the most out of your digital hearing aid. Zinc Air batteries use a reaction with the air to create an electrical charge that powers your digital hearing aid.  When you remove the tab on Zinc Air batteries it exposes a little hole(s) that allow air into the battery. At first the reaction is slow and produces less power.  As the reaction gets going the battery produces the correct voltage for your digital hearing aid. If you pull the tab and immediately put the battery in your digital hearing aid, your hearing aid may appear to be malfunctioning until the zinc air’s reaction gets going. We also offer a huge selection of SLA and Dry Cell batteries and chargers for a variety of your heavy duty battery needs.
With guaranteed longer service and an 8-12 year design life, Odyssey dry cell batteries boast double to triple the cranking power of similarly sized conventional batteries, immediate usage, vibration resistance, and so much more.
Power-Sonic SLA batteries undergo comprehensive rigorous testing at every manufacturing stage-capacity, high-load, shelf-life, vibration, overcharge, relief, valve, and cycle life.
With metallic zinc as its negative electrode, oxygen in the air as its positive depolarizer, and aqueous potassium hydroxide as its electrolyte, the zinc air battery has the highest energy density of any battery system. Some hearing aids, such as digital aids, need more power due the sophisticated circuitry involved. Energizer Hearing Aid 13 Size Batteries Product Info Energizer is one Energizer 9V Eveready Gold Batteries + 4 options $ 3.
Use Coupon Code 4F7AEFC when you purchase your new hearing aids to receive a FREE box of 40 hearing aid batteries!

With Siemens Active's easy-to-use charger, CENTRA Active and Cielo 2 Active work all day on a single night's charge.
Precise Hearing's trained specialists are happy to assist you in choosing the right hearing aid solution for your unique loss. If you have a copy of your hearing test, please upload it here so that our specialists can better assist you. Our low overhead enables us to provide you with the finest in reliable, quality batteries at great prices.
Power-Sonic Super-Sport batteries are the perfect replacement power for your motorcycles, scooters, ATV, mowers, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, and more. You can expect fewer battery replacements, clearer tones, less distortion, fewer volume adjustments, and longer service life.
49 (1) Size 13 (orange) Energizer Amplifier Batteries: Size 13 (orange) Energizer EzChange Batteries hearing aids, looking for hearing aid accessories or hearing aid batteries Get Energizer EZChange Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 in-stock right now at your local stores. Read reviews, find lowest discount prices on Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries 1.4 Volt Size 13 This NEW easy, convenient packaging keeps your hearing aid batteries secure. If you are unable to remember the size, thinking of the corresponding color code will help you get the right size you need for your hearing device. Our line of hearing aid batteries come in uniquely designed packages, offering convenience and portability. We carry the iCellTech Hearing Aid Brand #13 batteries – Box of 60 Eveready Lithium Pro Odyssey Optima Powersonic Rhino ENERGIZER HEARING AID BATTERIES Energizer batteries are made in the USA.

Box 10936 ~ Erie PA 16514-0936 (Formerly Hearing Aid Batteries Co.) Size 10, 13 312, Six 8-battery dispensers.
It also charges the instruments intelligently, indicating if the wearer has attempted to charge the instruments with non-rechargeable batteries, or has reversed the polarity of the batteries in the instruments. Once the tab on the battery has been taken off, the battery then becomes active and remains so. In addition to AquaProtect, the Active charger provides drying function that removes moisture from the instruments. Shelf life is usually three years.These batteries contain mercury, and are considered to be hazardous waste in some states. After just five hours of charging, the charger shuts itself off and the hearing instruments are ready to run for a full day and evening.
Therefore, do not throw them in the trash as they can harm the environment as they decay in a landfill. This information can be found at 911.org where you can locations to recycle hearing aid batteries.

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