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There are two different types of hearing impairments, conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. A conductive hearing loss is present when the sound is not reaching the inner ear, known as the cochlea. Dysfunction of the three small bones of the middle ear, the hammer, anvil and stapes may result in conductive hearing loss. A sensorineural hearing loss is one resulting from dysfunction of the inner ear, the cochlea, the nerve that transmits the impulses from the cochlea to the hearing center in the brain or damage in the brain.
Another common reason for hearing loss due to hair cell damage is noise-induced hearing loss. Total or near-total sensorineural deafness may be the result of congenital malformations, head trauma, inner ear infection, genetic factors, or long history of excessive noise exposure. The ability to hear nature, communicate with people, and enjoy the world in which you live comes through your sense of hearing.
I refer my friends and relatives to your office because of your expertise and experience in the field of selecting and fitting hearing instruments. Sound Hearing Centers in Merritt Island, Florida is the one-stop-shop for all of your hearing aid needs! Shop local and get the quality customer service that you need to select a new hearing aid product.

Whether you are new to hearing aids or if you have had them your whole life, Sound hearing Centers in Merritt Island, Florida is the only place to shop for new products. The mobility of these bones, or ossicles, may be impaired for different reasons and disruption of the ossicular chain due to trauma, infection or other process may also result in hearing loss. Chronic ear infection can result in a defective eardrum or middle ear cavity, and often in addition to the conuctive hearing loss the individual may have a sensorineural hearing impairment. Do what you must to protect your hearing so you can benefit from this amazing sense all the days of your life. I can go into a restaurant now and I can actually be part of the conversation at the table. Hearing aids a re an investment and it can be difficult to figure out what will work for you.
Our selection, pricing and expertise separates us from the competition and can keep your hearing without giving you a headache or breaking your bank. Hearing impairments are categorized by their type - conductive, sensorineural or both, by their severity, and by the age of onset. This will often interfere with speech understanding, as it is in the high frequency range that we find the consonant sounds that are most important especially in noisy surroundings. Don’t chance such a large purchase to inexperienced individuals, or worse, reviews on the internet.

Give us a try and see why everyone is so happy with their new hearing aids from Sound Hearing Centers! Furthermore, a hearing impairment may exist in only one ear (unilateral) or in both ears (bilateral). Head trauma, ear infections, tumors and toxic medications such as certain strong antibiotics and chemotherapeutics are other reasons for sensorineural hearing loss. At Sound Hearing Centers in Merritt Island, Florida, we want to give you back your hearing with our great products and experienced customer service. At Sound Hearing Centers in Merritt Island, Florida we understand what our products do and will be able to expertly balance price and product to ensure that you will not only get what you like, but stay happy with your investment.
Depending on the definition it could be estimated that more than 50% of the population over the age of 70 has impaired hearing.

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