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The DALLAS100VM has big buttons with a concave design and large clear characters on the keypad. If you speak loudly on the phone, often this can cause discomfort for the caller, the DALLAS100VM has a voice modulator with a built in equaliser which shows green or red dependant on the volume of your voice.
Wall mountable with 3 direct memory speed dials, extra bright visual ring indicator, last number redial and Mute button. The AMPLIDECT 280 Cordless Telephone is hearing aid compatible, which means when you use the T switch on your hearing aid, the voice will be directed into your hearing aid to offer no interference and allow the call to be clear. The phone has a volume and tone control on the side of the handset to allow you to increase or decrease the callers voice and also amend the tone to suit your hearing ability.
The ringer has a choice of 12 polyphonic tunes with adjustable volume controls for the ringer (6 positions).

The phone book holds up to 50 numbers and also offers 2 memory buttons on the handset for those regularly dialled numbers. The base has a pairing button if you mislay the handset and you can pair up to 4 handsets with one base unit.
The Geemarc CL555 has extra loud receiving volume, adjustable tone control and hearing aid compatibility mean it can easily be customised to your hearing loss.
If your voice is too quiet the phone also has an outgoing speech volume button to increase your voice to the caller without the need to shout. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.
A big, backlit keypad also makes it easier to dial out: when pressed, each button will also say its number out loud to confirm you have dialled correctly.

It also features an easy to use answering machine with up to 30 minutes of recording time: it gives plenty of time to leave long messages in your absence and you have the option to listen to your messages when away from home thanks to a secure remote access with PIN number.
Plus the phone can be adjusted with each call to alter the volume and tone of the caller’s voice. The Geemarc CL555 takes vocalisation one step further to include caller ID: when someone rings, the telephone will tell you their number or their name if this number has been stored in the phonebook. Listening to your messages can be done via the handset or on the speakerphone and it is even possible to slow the messages down to make them easier to understand or hear.

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