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CR123, CR2, 2CR5, CRP2, CRV3 Photo Lithium Batteries This page is dedicated to our photo lithium battery inventory and to information about this line of batteries.CR123, CR2, 2CR5, CRP2, CRV3 Photo Lithium Batteries are 3 Volt batteries with lithium as their chemistry. Notice that these are all applications where one wants to have a battery with a very long shelf life. People want to know their flashlights will have power when they need it and that their computers memory back up can be counted on to perform. And for this line of photo lithium batteries, there are dedicated Li-Ion battery chargers to charge them and keep them operational a good long time.A very significant benefit of the rechargeable versions of the CR123, CR2, 2CR5, CRP2, CRV3 series of Photo Lithium Batteries, is that Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) batteries do not suffer from the risk of memory effect.
They can be charged and recharged without cause for concern about how much power remains in the battery at time of recharge. Just as with other battery models and sizes, different battery manufacturers make the same battery (designed to do the same thing) using their own proprietary model numbers. The leaders in the line of Photo Lithium Batteries are Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, Panasonic and Sanyo, and each company uses different model numbers to describe their batteries.
Their quality can be somewhat inferior to the name brand versions but most people do not notice this difference in their applications. Generally speaking, government institutions and other major buyers of these batteries, opt to go for the battery leaders in the industry.

They purchase in quantity so the price drops and they still get the best.With the rechargeable versions of the CR123, CR2, 2CR5, CRP2, CRV3 series of Photo Lithium Batteries, you can charge and recharge them up to 500 charge cycles.
That equals years and years of battery performance for you!If you’ve never owned Lithium Ion batteries, you might want to think about it now. If you have any questions about this line of batteries, either the non-rechargeable kind or the rechargeable kind, please contact us by phone or email for friendly, accurate answers to your questions BEFORE you buy. Then you can purchase with peace of mind.As part of our on-going free information service to our visitors, here are some quick links to other popular sections to our site. Wouldn’t it be better to test a few batteries before you leave to know which ones are full of power and just take them along? FOR WHOLESALE BATTERIES: (CR123, CR2, 2CR5, CRP2, CRV3 series of Photo Lithium Batteries and all other!)Many organizations, institutions, and even individual consumers alike, prefer to purchase their batteries in bulk packaging and in large quantity. They have enough experience to know that there are a few battery sizes they use over and over again. And for a host of other reasons, they require a surplus to keep in the workshop at their fingertips at any time.
However, typically they need their inventory to be blister carded, ready for retail display.

We invite all Government Departments, Universities and Schools across North America, Libraries, Media Centers and Research Labs, Corporations from Industry in the Private Sector to send us their Purchase Orders for their wholesale requirements and we are equipped to work closely and DIRECTLY with you, to deliver exactly what you require, how you need it and when you need it. Our brimming warehouse if SUPER Fresh batteries can adhere to even the most stringent of delivery schedules. And of course, so do we!One of the most popular features of our website (really it’s our internet catalog) is our incredible DAILY SPECIALS. We have at least 50 products each day in that section and they flow through a roster to continually change to other products.
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