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Hearing aid prices depend on the extent of hearing loss one has, style which one prefers and the technology the Hearing aid features. Hearing aid prices for the above said categorization vary from one brand to the other and even more across countries globally.
Hearing aid technology is continuously evolving and newer hearing aid models feature speech enhancement systems to meet the challenges of dynamic hearing requirements; these advancements are expensive and hearing aid prices go upwards with addition of more number of features.
Frankly the product is not worth the price and is almost obsolete in the Starkey index as well.
The only drawback for Ignite 20 model whether CIC or BTE is that there is no Power model i.e with 71dB or 80dB receiver.
Please see below different hearing aid prices and corresponding features of Starkey Hearing aids. Use Coupon Code 2B1173C when you purchase your new hearing aids to receive a FREE box of 40 hearing aid batteries! Bolero Q70 - Phonak's newest advanced technology open fit hearing aid for active lives. Multiple memory settings can be programmed into the aid to give the user the ability to cope with changing sound and noise environments with the push of a button. Volume control is generally considered to be a manual adjustment that the user can control. This feature helps make hearing aids acoustically comfortable by dampening sudden loud noises, such as a dropped dish. Wind noise is an important feature for those that spend time in the outdoors by reducing the roar of wind across the microphone.
Acoustic Feedback, is also known as squealing, buzzing, 'your aids are talking to you', etc. Communication from one hearing aid to the other is a very low strength signal designed to keep both hearing aids operating in the same mode at the same volume.
Being able to couple your hearing aids with a BlueTooth-enabled device, such as a cell phone, allows phone conversations to be heard through your hearing aids. DAI is only on Large and Full Size hearing aids due to the need for terminals on the outside of the case.
Conventional Hearing Aid Batteries cost less than a dollar per battery and are very easy to change. Stereo Zoom - Narrows the focus of the Directional Microphone to a single speaker, reducing all other sounds that compete with clear speech understanding. Precise Hearing's trained specialists are happy to assist you in choosing the right hearing aid solution for your unique loss.
If you have a copy of your hearing test, please upload it here so that our specialists can better assist you.
Use Coupon Code 39B72B4 when you purchase your new hearing aids to receive a FREE box of 40 hearing aid batteries! Use Coupon Code A817A15 when you purchase your new hearing aids to receive a FREE box of 40 hearing aid batteries! Automatically streams your telephone call to both ears, allowing for improved telephone communication.
Wi Series delivers on the true promise of wireless — by eliminating the need for body-worn devices during programming and daily listening.
Starkey’s noise reduction and speech preservation algorithm is so fast and smart it reduces noise between syllables of speech. Starkey’s industry-leading feedback canceller puts Wi Series in a class all its own with more robust feedback cancellation and intelligent artifact elimination to ensure you get the best possible performance in every listening environment. Starkey’s proprietary moisture protection system that integrates nano-coating, unibody construction and smart component placement.
Starkey’s industry-leading directional system, is designed to better perform in highly complex environments with background noise. Alerts you to the status of your hearing aid, low battery, memory and telephone modes in your choice of male or female voices in a wide variety of languages.
Automatically detects telephone use and adjusts to the optimal acoustic frequency response for telephone listening.

Although rechargeable hearing aids are growing in popularity, the vast majority of hearing aids today are still powered by traditional hearing aid batteries. At the time of this post, the most popular battery size is probably the 312 or 10, as these batteries are smaller, and are used in the more discrete devices that most people demand. Many people are surprised at the short lifespan of hearing aid batteries, but it is important to remember that these batteries are typically working 12-18 hours a day, and they are powering sophisticated technology.
As an aside, one great way to increase your battery life that many people overlook, is to make sure that when you take the sticker off your battery, let it sit for 5 minutes before inserting it into the hearing aid.
While a long battery life may be desirable in whatever hearing aids you purchase, it is not a factor that should play in to deciding which device is right for you. If you or a loved one would like a free phone consultation with a licensed hearing provider, please feel free to call us at 800-731-6794. How is it that until now, when I used the 312 size all of my batteries in my hearing aids for 30 years lasted at least a week if not longer but in these new Resound ones they don’t. I got two Resound Verso aids last yar yet most of the batteries I have bought for them last 3-4 days. I am hoping that the A 675 size battery will last a few days can it last more then 70 hours ?
It really depends on the hearing aid- but 4 days for 312 batteries is an exceptionally short period of time.
I have a phonak cros one aid is a A312 battery the other is A13 battery and only last 2 days , do I have to change both batteries when they beep. Regional differences are typically more when we compare hearing aid prices in developed countries vis a vis developing countries. More so with the introduction of Aries and Aries Pro models at a cheaper price, it is a surprise that this product is not yet discontinued.
It has got “Automatic telephone Response” feature which cancels magnetic disturbance during telephone conversations. This hearing aid will be delivered to a participating provider in your area who will professionally fit the hearing aid to you and provide custom programming for you. Robust shock and water resistance with a focus on clarity so you can enjoy hearing in even challenging, noisy environments.
Digital is newer and considered to be much more flexible, capable of doing more operations, and the only technology used in modern hearing aids.
Hearing aids are built so that this group of frequencies (250 to 6000 Hz) is divided into smaller groups, called bands or channels. All hearing aids have automatic gain control designed to make soft sounds audible and loud sounds tolerable. Using DAI allows other devices to connect directly to the hearing aids and input their audio signal. This hearing aid is best for those individuals who have a more involved and consistently changing listening environment.
Micon is about more performance, more channels with more processing power and more output power than previous models.
It features high-tech noise reduction and speech preservation systems and virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling (feedback). Its two part algorithm uses dynamic voice identification, coupled with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per channel basis. The result is a hearing aid uniquely designed to have superior water resistance both inside and out.
These batteries can be divided in to 4 different “size groups”, ranging from smallest to largest: Size 10, 312, 13, and 675. Size 13 is still quite common among larger in-the-ear and behind-the-ear instruments, and 675 is usually reserved for only high-powered behind-the-ear devices. Although the idea of changing batteries so often can seem daunting, keep in mind that hearing aid manufacturers are sensitive to this, and are making it increasingly easier to perform this task. Zinc-air batteries are powered by air, so if they don’t get enough air inside the battery before insertion they will not last as long.
Hearing aid batteries are completely inconsequential in the primary goal of helping you hear better, and should be treated as such.

They last 2 days in the Costco batteries and all others except one manufacturer from England. Or you could have your provider send the hearing aids to the manufacturer to check for excessive battery drain. I use the Preciso 7 hearing aid and make sure that I open the battery door each time I store the devices. I am getting about 5 days but each day varies on the number of hours I use the hearing aid. It’s very rare for batteries to drain that quickly, get the manufacturer to look at them. Hearing aid prices in India are comparatively less than in the west but with a promising economic growth in India, hearing aid manufacturers are bringing in higher priced hearing instruments.
Starkey since inception placed itself as a premium hearing aid brand especially successful in the CIC hearing aid segment. Starkey has also introduced wireless options for these hearing aids labelling them with an “I”.
User Preference Learning - The aids learn your volume and programming preference in specific environments, self customizing to your desired settings. Micon extends the upper end frequencies range from 8,000 Hz out to 12,000 Hz for more high frequency response than ever. The result is unprecedented sound quality, ease of listening, and intelligibility of speech in noise. In general, the larger the battery, the longer its lifespan will be, though actual lifespan will vary depending on a number of factors. In addition, many providers include an annual or sometimes even lifetime supply of batteries with the sale of hearing instruments to encourage use and reduce recurring costs for hearing aid users. You might have your hearing aids checked for excessive battery drain, it’s not an uncommon problem. I am currently trialing Resound Alera 5 RICS and I can’t get the battery to last longer than 3-4 days on each aid.
If you have a profound loss, they may just be working super hard which would explain the rapid drain.
Quite recently it introduced the “ARIES” and “ARIES Pro” hearing aids with 4 & 8 Channel Processors which earmarked the lowest priced hearing aids for this hearing aid manufacturer.
Noise Block Advanced - Reduces annoying background noises while maintaining the level of voices you want to hear. Wi Series can also stream stereo sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids, just like a pair of headphones!
High-end hearing aids which utilize all of the latest technologies will invariably consume greater power from batteries and diminish overall lifespan, so it would be wrong to assume that the more expensive hearing aids are going to have a better battery life.
I shall try the 5 minute wait before using new batteries, but I often wait a long time so I don’t think that is the issue.
I have taken them back to be checked several times and even have been sent back to Phonic and aids work for about week or so and then back to maybe a day use. The Aries series was first introduced only in the BTE hearing aids segment but the company has moved on to CIC Hearing aids in regular and power CIC also priced at Rs. Rich, full sound in frequencies out to 12 kHz ensures clarity while much improved acoustic feedback cancellation is a huge benefit for people with greater high frequency loss. This directional microphone array is designed to enhance localization and refine frequency resolution to improve hearing and understanding speech in noise easier with less effort needed.
Siemens has drastically increased the sound processing power with the introduction of Micon sound processor chip set. 15,300 giving tough competition to other hearing aid manufacturers in the same price segment. Natural sound, clarity, and acoustic comfort are available to you with Micon equipped hearing aids from Siemens.

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