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Audeo SMART, the world's smallest hearing system with full wireless functionality, is the choice if you want top performance with manual control and unlimited connectivity. Prices shown are typically 30-50% lower than list prices by Hidden Hearing, Boots, Regional Hearing and other High Street retailers.
Rechargeable in-the-ear and behind-the-ear digital hearing aids available from Hansaton - Please call for information on freephone 0800 180 4075.
The Audeo S 9 is the highest level of technology, the Audeo S 5 is the mid range level and the Audeo S 3 is the lowest level.

It uses the new “Spice” technology platform which processes the sound much faster than the previous “CORE” technology of the original Audeo.
The Audeo S is available in 3 levels of technology and 3 different models making 9 individual instruments in total.
The “Smart” is perhaps the most popular as it has a push button and can be controlled without the use of a remote control. It is not as small as the Mini but it has no push button but it does have wireless capabilities.

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