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If you have a high frequency hearing loss, it means that you do not hear tones or parts of speech which are high frequency.
The exact numbers vary, but most authorities agree that the frequency range of human speech goes from about 250 Hz all the way up to 9,000 Hz, with the majority of speech taking place in the 500 Hz to 3500 Hz range. There are many causes of high frequency hearing loss, and sometimes your hearing loss may be due to several of these causes.
If you’d like a free phone consultation with a licensed hearing provider, please feel free to call us at 800-731-6794. For all those people who are afflicted with some hearing defect, behind the ear hearing aids have come as a blessing in disguise. Of these, behind the ear hearing aids have gained immense popularity and are now widely used by large number of people.
These hearing aids can fit behind the ear and have been designed in a way to suit the size and shape of every individual’s ear. Much attraction for these behind the ear hearing aids is because they provide maximum sound amplification. The behind the ear hearing aids were amongst the first models of hearing aids which came on the market scene but today people only those devices which are less obvious.
In earlier days, when these behind the ear hearing aids came into market, they were used by large number of people having impaired hearing.
Today many hearing devices which are available which easily fit inside the ears and are soft and comfortable than earlier behind the ear aids.  They are in demand due to their high comfort and low visibility but they are expensive as compared to the behind the ear hearing aids. These days, behind the ear aids are still used by the children with some hearing deficiencies. Many House of Hearing patients prefer these hearing aids because they leave the ear canal open and are relatively difficult to see unless you look closely. Our Utah hearing aid specialists will test and custom-fit the open-fit hearing aid to ensure it meets your performance needs. Call us today to set an appointment with one of our licensed Utah audiologists to help determine if a Micro Open-Fit hearing aid can help improve your hearing.
We are proud to announce that ENT House of Hearing was awarded the 2015 Audiology Salt Lake City Patients' Choice Award and the 2016 Audiology Tooele Patients’ Choice Award. We are currently working on some useful online hearing tests (see below) that can be helpful in self diagnosis and also give you a sense of what a quality hearing aid could do to improve your situation. Recognising a hearing loss, coming to terms with it and doing something about it are important.
Quality hearing aids now add the clarity and can work in noisy environments where previous aids failed miserably. The following diagram is from a Unitron brochure (hearing aid manufacturer) and is an excellent graphic explanation of where we may have difficulties hearing. Where many people experience problems is in the high tones - (f s th) and essentially if you have this problem you may only hear parts of words or sentences. Low frequency hearing loss is attributed to sensorineural hearing impairment which is caused by the hair cells found in the inner ear. A low frequency hearing impairment is hard to identify because it has a tendency of not having any symptoms.
Fluid buildup in the middle part of the ear is one of the reasons for developing low frequency hearing loss.

Treatment options can be limited for this type of hearing loss, since it is directly hurting the nerves in the ear. Copyright © 2016 Shear Hearing Loss And Hearing Aids - Hearing Impairment Tips and Fixes.
Remember, high frequency hearing loss is not a type of hearing loss, it can be thought of as the nature of the hearing loss. If you break down human speech, vowels are in the low frequency range- between 250 Hz and 1000 Hz. The majority of time however, high frequency hearing loss is caused simply be the general aging process.
Tiny hair cells that line the cochlea (a sensory organ inside the inner ear) pick up sound waves and transform them into nerve signals that the brain interprets as sound.
Hearing aids magnify sound vibrations so your surviving hair cells can detect those more powerful vibrations and convert them to signals that are then sent to the brain. As there have been huge technological advances in the hearing aids in the recent times, people suffering from the hearing deficiencies are now heaving a sight of relief. Such devices actually fit inside the human ears and are therefore less visible and have more cosmetic appeal. Firstly, they come with larger batteries which are packed with more power and are easier to replace. Their only shortcoming was that they were more unwieldy and bulky and therefore it was embarrassing for people who wore them.
These hearing aids are suitable for anybody who is looking for cost effective and sturdy hearing devices and is not so much concerned about the cosmetic appeal.
This style of hearing aid is inserted further into the ear canal than most other aids and, in the process, becomes nearly invisible.
Our audiologists and hearing instrument professionals often recommend open-fit hearing aids for patients whose low-frequency hearing still registers at normal or near normal levels. There are some tremendous social benefits in being able to communicate effectively with people.
People suffering from this problem cannot hear words with frequency 2000 Hz and less but can hear voices consisting of high frequency sounds and that is why, it is called as the ‘reverse slope audiogram’. The lower frequency sounds do not posses much information compared to higher frequency words.
Meniere’s disease is another cause for developing this and it originates from the inner side of the ear and usually related to fluids accumulated in the inner part of the ear. Sure, most high frequency hearing losses are sensorineural hearing losses, but you could absolutely have a conductive hearing loss that is high frequency in nature as well. When these hair cells become damaged or die over time, those sound waves are not effectively transformed in to nerve signals, so the sound never reaches the brain. So essentially, hearing aids are “waking up” hair cells which were not working well enough, and then the hair cells do the rest of the work and send the signals to the brain. The behind the ear hearing aid has a case which easily fits behind the ear and contains all electronic parts of this gadget.
The ear case of these hearing aids can be easily matched with your skin color to make a totally invisible effect! Other hearing aid models make use of tiny batteries which have less power capacity and you can lose them easily.

They were however used by the technicians as a sort of base to design and develop many advanced models in later years. Sound travels from the instrument through a small tube or wire to a tiny dome or speaker in the ear canal. A hearing loss is not always understood by others who hear normally, they often make assumptions that may not be flattering when in reality you are just battling to hear what they are saying or make sense of what you do hear.
This however affects the suffering person to a great extent to understand the spoken words. But people with this problem can make out the entire speech with what they hear in the high and middle ranges thus camouflaging the loss. Otosclerosis disease in which the free movement of the last ear bone is hampered because it is fixed in one place.
Their product is designed to help improve the health of the nerves in the inner ear, thus helping improve hearing. But the fact is, there are many parts of speech which are above 2,000 Hz as well, and that’s where the problem lies.
On the other hand, consonants are in the high frequency range- between 2000 Hz and 3500 Hz.
This means that when you wear hearing aids, they are only making some sounds louder- not all of them. This hearing aid adjusts and then transmits the sound as per your own hearing loss pattern.
Secondly these behind the ear aids are suitable for children as the mold in this device can be easily adjusted to fit the ear size as the child grows. But in a noisy or crowded place, an individual with this syndrome cannot come-up with the speeches easily. Hearing aids (when properly programmed) are only going to make those sounds louder which you aren’t already hearing. This case contains a microphone which captures the sounds and then amplifies them to a desired level and then again transmits these through the attached tube to the ear mold. So if you are suffering from a high frequency hearing loss, it is because you are hearing the vowels properly, but not the consonants. The result is getting those high frequency sounds back, and hearing speech much more clearly. With a high frequency hearing loss, it becomes very difficult to get any clarity out of speech- everything sounds very mumbled. If you believe you have a high frequency hearing loss, your best course of action is to see a hearing aid provider near you, get a free test done, and start a free trial period with hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids are incredibly intelligent, can be 100% invisible, and are very comfortable- give them a try!

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