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There are three main components of the human ear: the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear includes the pinna, the visible part of the ear, as well as the ear canal which terminates at the eardrum, also called the tympanic membrane.
The middle ear consists of a small air-filled chamber that is located medial to the eardrum. Receiving a cochlear implant is a surgery and, as with any surgical procedure, the decision to have surgery should be after all other avenues of remediation have been thoroughly examined and exhausted. As with any health or medical question, seek the advice of one or more qualified professionals and make your decisions after seriously weighing all possible procedures along with their respective risks and benefits. Secunderabad : Shop No FF4, First Floor, St Mary's Road, Opp Passport Office, Secunderabad. Koti : Shop No 102, First Floor, Eden House Apartment, Opp Chirst Church School, Near Ramkote 'X' Roads, Ramkote, Hyderabad.
Within this chamber are the three smallest bones in the body, known collectively as the ossicles (incus, malleus, and stapes). The stapes transmits sound waves to the inner ear through the oval window, a flexible membrane separating the air-filled middle ear from the fluid-filled inner ear.
It is divided lengthwise by the organ of Corti, which is the main organ of mechanical to neural transduction.

Characteristic frequencies are high at the basal entrance to the cochlea, and low at the apex. The cochlea, a tiny snail shell shaped organ, is comprised of thousands of microscopic sensory cells. Every surgery comes with risk and those risks should be weighed with concern, care, and sensitivity; never should the decision to have surgery be based on fear or unrealistic expectations.
In a person with damaged sensory nerves in the cochlea, a hearing aid would provide an amplified sound which would arrive at a damaged cochlea.
We work with leading hearing aids manfactured to bring you the highest quality hearing aids in the World. The eardrum is an airtight membrane, and when sound waves arrive there, they cause it to vibrate following the waveform of the sound. The round window, another flexible membrane, allows for the smooth displacement of the inner ear fluid caused by the entering sound waves. Inside the organ of Corti is the basilar membrane, a structure that vibrates when waves from the middle ear spread out through the cochlear fluid. Basilar membrane motion causes depolarization of the hair cells, specialized auditory receptors located within the organ of Corti. While the middle ear may seem unnecessarily complex, the purpose of its unique construction is to overcome the impedance mismatch between air and water, by providing impedance matching.

While the hair cells do not produce action potentials themselves, they release neurotransmitter at synapses with the fibers of the auditory nerve, which does produce action potentials. Unlike a surgical procedure, the wearing of an external hearing instrument does not come with the same risks as a cochlear implant; in fact, the risk factors for negative effects of hearing aids are practically non-existent. In this way, the patterns of oscillations on the basilar membrane are converted to spatio-temporal patterns of firings which transmit information about the sound to the brain stem. In a person with normal hearing, these cells respond to acoustic information in the environment and translate it into a neurological code that the brain can interpret. With hearing, many sounds are being “heard” at once to make sense of conversation, music, background noises, etc.
The sensory cells have a very important role in this translation of acoustic information to a neurological code.
This is comparative to speech coming through a cochlea with damaged and missing sensory cells. When the signal arrives at the brain, the music isn’t rich, full, or even recognizable.

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