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For exceptional service, and a no obligation free hearing test in Rushden Northants, Hearing And Mobility Wellingborough should be your first shout !
Its likely that if any do, then you are already experiencing a degree of hearing loss, without having even been aware of it. A free hearing test from Hearing And Mobility in Wellingborough is a great way to make sure your hearing is in fully working order, and it doesn’t cost you a penny !
To give you a brief overview, a number of tones are played through headphones, at different frequencies and different volumes, to scientifically assess the performance of your hearing in both ears.
The audiologist can then show you exactly what needs to be done by the hearing aid to bring your hearing back to an acceptable level, and can demonstrate to you exactly what this will be like. It may very well be your hearing is fine, in which case you have had your check, and unless you need another check if you notice changes, will just need to check back in, in 12 months, to be assessed again. If you find that your hearing is suffering, and you have experienced the difference a high quality hearing aid will make, then you can discus with the audiologist the best hearing aid for you, and have them ordered especially for your requirements. Hearing And Mobility in Wellingborough are the areas leading supplier and fitter of high quality latest generation hearing aids.
So please dont be fooled by silly offers from competitors promising digital hearing aids at rock bottom prices, they will be inferior quality, you will be dissapointed with them …. Our audiology team are experts in the field, and can offer you the very best advice, selecting from the best choice of hearing aids at competitive prices, with full aftercare service assured. To book your free hearing test in Rushden, Wellingborough, Raunds or indeed any of Northamptonshire call us today on 01933 222980, visit us in store ( directions can be found HERE ), or fill in our free hearing test application form HERE, and we will call you back to arrange a convenient time. You can also request a copy of our exclusive consumers guide to hearing aids, by requesting a copy via the form below. If your looking to have a FREE hearing test in Rugby Warwickshire, then Hearing And Mobility Wellingborough should be your first call. This is done for both ears, and the results are plotted into computer software to show you the condition of your hearing as it currently stands. We supply all the major brands, including Phonak, Widex, Starkey and GN Resound to mention a few, so you can be assured of Rugbys widest selection of hearing aid. So contact us today on 01933 222980, and receive your FREE no obligation hearing test in Rugby today, and see if you could benefit from one of the greatest gifts we can give you… the gift of better hearing. If you have been looking for the very latest in hearing aid technology, the newly developed IIC Invisible Hearing Aids, supplied by Hearing And Mobility Wellingborough, a short journey from Northampton, Kettering, Corby and Weston Favell, then you have found the right place.
For some people, especially those who wear glasses, or those who don’t want people to know they have a hearing aid fitted, a traditional hearing aid can be an inconvenience and a visual hindrance.
Completely discrete, yet featuring the latest technology, these hearing aids fit deep into the ear canal itself, making them all but invisible to anyone looking. Our specialist hearing audiologist Tim Evans is an approved supplier and installer of these IIC invisible hearing aids, and can demo the benefits you will achieve with a product as advanced as this. Did you know Hearing And Mobility in Wellingborough, Northamptonshires leading hearing aid specialists, offer a FREE Hearing Test service, both in store, and by special appointment in the comfort of your own home? Did you know as well that we offer services to minimise the frustrating “ringing in your ears” known as Tinnitus? Many suffers also seem reluctant to admit that they have a problem, even when its pointed out by family and friends, but there is no stigma to needing a hearing aid. We supply, demo and fit all major brands including Phonak and Widex, and we have a hearing aid to suit all budgets.
Don’t waste time waiting on the NHS list for a poor and bulky hearing aid, when you can have the most modern technology professionally assessed and setup from Hearing And Mobility. We recommend that your hearing is tested once a year, in order to catch any potential problems before they become major. It’s surprising to learn that the biggest market for consumer electronics after the smart-phone, that’s growing larger every year, is the hearing aid. When choosing the right hearing aid for your hearing loss, it’s important to have a good understanding of your everyday hearing issues. People who suffer from hearing loss have long dreamed of being able to wear a hearing aid that’s completely invisible.
The leading manufacturers of hearing aids today are constantly striving to invent new devices for the hard of hearing that are highly competitive in terms of technology, features, and size.
ITE hearing aids, also known as custom hearing aids, come in a few different sizes to fit your ear.
While the processing of modern hearing aids is complex, and computer programming is required to make some of the adjustments, the basic components that make them work has not changed.
Sound waves enter through the microphone, which converts acoustic signals into electrical signals. From the amplifier, the signal is then transformed back to an acoustic signal by the receiver (a miniature loud speaker). From the receiver the signal is channeled intro the ear canal, either through a small tube or through an ear mold. Hearing aids have been available in four styles: body, eyeglass, behind-the-ear (BTE), and in-the-ear (ITE). Deep microphone and receiver placement with CICs may result in increased battery life and high frequency amplification compared with other styles. All components are integrated into a one-piece shell, which may be easier to handle and operate than for BTE styles. TheA BTEA style hearing aid is housed in a small curved case which fits behind the ear and is attached to a custom earpiece molded to the shape of your outer ear.
BTEs may be the most appropriate choice for young children, as only the earmold needs to be replaced periodically as the child grows and the ear changes in dimension. Typically, BTEs are the most powerful hearing aid style available, and may be the best option for persons with severe-to-profound hearing loss.
Non-occluding earmolds may be used with BTE hearing aids, if a medical condition exists or if the patient reports a a€?pluggeda€? sensation when wearing other hearing aid styles. Larger battery sizes used in BTEs may be easier to handle than smaller styles for those with limited manual dexterity or vision deficits. Brands that we frequently use are Oticon, ReSound, Unitron Hearing, Phonak, Starkey Hearing Aids, Siemens, Widex, Sonic Innovations, and others.
When deciding about hearing aids we help you decide what technology and size works best for you. Hearing aids, like televisions, are offered in different levels of technology - basic, improved, and advanced. Basic technology - this technology is best suited to those with quiet lifestyles where the listening situation is easy and predictable. Improved Technology - the "best bang for the buck", these devices offer capabilities to lower background noise and improve listening comfort.
Advanced Technology - these represent the newest innnovations in technology, the latest and greatest. Too often a hearing aid salesman will select based on your preferences - what you're willing to purchase - instead of guiding you to what is best for your hearing.
Open Fit: These small, mini behind-the-ear hearing aids that are the newest and most exciting devices today. BTE: Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are the largest hearing aids and offer benefits not found on other styles. ITE: In-The-Ear aids fill the entire ear opening and are the most noticeable of all hearing aids.
A lifelong machinist exposed to 30 years of noise will receive different benefit from an office worker with no history of noise exposure. A person with no family history of hearing loss will receive different improvement compared to someone who has several family members with hearing loss. Restate rather than repeating a€“ If you have to repeat something try saying it a little different.
Be aware of the surroundings a€“ Avoid trying to have conversations from one room to another or in rooms with distracting noises, e.g.
Unlike other batteries that start losing power from the day they are made, zinc air batteries have a long shelf life since they arena€™t a€?activateda€? until the tab is removed. Here are a few free, educational resources we have written to help you better understand your, or your loved one's situation. With the increasing population of baby boomers all over the world, the demand for tools that assists their overall comfort and convenience in performing day-to-day tasks has also gone up since the past decade.
Aside from plugging in these music players, there is one more device – Hearing Aids, that most of these baby boomers consider as a must-have in their daily life. Considering the possibility of having more and more people expected to suffer from this condition, it is probable that several of them will start looking for the best hearing aid in the coming years.

This hearing aid style can fit perfectly inside your ear canal, which makes it nearly noticeable. What makes this device different from the first one is the fact that it only sits at the surface of your ear canal. Considering the key qualities of this type of hearing aid, you can expect it to pick up a little bit of wind noise.
You wear this hearing aid by hooking it onto the top portion of your ear, where it also rests perfectly.
There are several types and styles available in the market, and there are also those that come with a customized fit for your needs. A survey also reveals the fact that among the number of people who purchased a hearing aid back in 2008, only about 40 percent of them mentioned that their health insurance company covered a small percentage of the total cost of the device.
The following are just some of the features worth looking into when you wish to buy the best type and quality of hearing aid for your needs.
Hearing aids contain directional microphones, which are aligned in such a way that ensures the finest quality of picking up sounds coming just in front of you while reducing the level of noise beside or behind you.
Also called telecoils, a telephone adapter allows you to hear clearly when you talk on a telephone that is compatible with a telecoil. There are more and more models of hearing aids that allow you to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices including TV, music players and cellphones. If you own two hearing aids, a synchronization feature allows you to program both units and enable them to function at the same time. Since you are exposed to various types of environment, which impact your listening needs, it may be convenient to use a hearing aid with preprogrammed settings stored in the unit.
You may want to look for a hearing aid equipped with a direct audio input for your hassle-free experience in listening to audio files in your mp3 player, computer or when watching TV.
Now that you know what to look for in a top-quality hearing aid, here are some tips to remember when shopping for a unit.
Hearing And Mobility at Broad Green Wellingborough, a short journey from Rushden, Earls Barton, Weston Favell and Raunds, offer a completely free hearing test assessment, both in store or in the comfort of your own home. Its filled with useful information, tips and advice, to help you better understand your hearing and hearing test. Our hearing aid specialist Tim Evans, performs FREE No obligation hearing test both instore, and in the comfort of your own home, covering Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and parts of Warwickshire.
Either call us in store on 01933 222980, or fill in our quick free test form HERE, and one of our team will get back to you to arrange a convenient time for you home appointment.
Essentially you will be asked to react to different tones played through headphones, to test your ability to hear quiet and loud sounds, and in a range of frequencies from low to high, to assess your range of hearing. The hearing specialist will explain the results, and if a hearing aid will be needed, and demonstrate the benefits you gain from these aids.
You may not need a hearing aid at the time, but its much better to address the problem as it happens rather than after it has become a problem.
IIC ( which stands for Invisible In-ear Canal ) hearing aids represent the cutting edge of hearing aid technology, and as the name suggests are basically invisible.
For a long time there has been a technological progression to more and more discrete hearing aids, with the pinnacle of which, the IIC developed for these very reasons. You will be able to hear fully, like all digital hearing aids, but noone will ever know you have a hearing aid fitted !! You can make an appointment today by calling us on 01933 222980 , visit us instore ( directions can be found HERE) , or by filling in our quick and simple Hearing Aid Quote Form HERE, when one of our team will contact you back to arrange a convenient time to make an appointment. We cover Wellingborough, Rushden, Raunds, Earls Barton, and all of Northamptonshire, and have the best trained audiologists on hand to guide you through the tests and the outcome.
Its affect will become more and more apparent as time goes by, usually family members having to repeat questions, or complaining the TV or Radio is on very loud is a good indicator that your hearing may be beginning to suffer.
The aid is there to make your life easier, and quality of life better, and with modern digital advances you can have a hearing aid that is practically invisible.
So if your looking for hearing tests in Wellingborough, you have found the right store for you. Appointments can be made by popping into our store ( directions can be found HERE ) , by contacting us directly ( Contact us HERE ) , or by filling out our FREE hearing test application form HERE.
In America the number is growing constantly, as hearing loss starts around age 30 and one loses about 10% per decade. Of course, the only way to determine exactly what kind of hearing loss you have is to undergo a hearing exam with a qualified audiologist.
With the shrinking in size of hearing aids and the powerful tools contained within them, the stigma associated with hearing loss is rapidly depleting.
Now, thanks to some cutting edge technology and a subscription-based service, Phonak’s Extended Wear Lyric hearing aid offers the first extended wear hearing device that’s completely invisible.
Technology has allowed hearing aids to become smaller while still packing in great performance.
From choosing a good audiologist, to enduring a hearing test, to picking the best hearing aid for you out of the hundreds of options, it’s a lot to handle.
Included in the category of ITE hearing aids are in-the-canal (ITC) and completely-in-the-canal (CIC) styles, while body and eyeglass style hearing aids were regularly used 40-50 years ago, they comprise only about 1% of all hearing aids marketed today. Some BTE models do not use a custom earpiece; instead the rubber tubing is inserted directly into the ear. Mills and Nichols work continually to ensure that Carolina Hearing Doctors use a wide variety of hearing aids from many manufacturers. These aids can be programmed for most degrees of hearing loss but cannot filter out background noise in more active, busy environments.
Improvements such as automatic directional microphones, digital noise reduction, automatic feedback management, bluetooth connectivity, and water resistance are all included in this level of technology. The focus here is to improve listening ease by selectively focusing on speech, reduce interfering noise so the brain isn't bothered by it, and enhance word clarity through better high frequency amplification. Your selection of the most appropriate device for your needs depends on several factors such as (1) your degree of the hearing loss, (2) features necessary to meet your individual needs, (3) your manual dexterity, (4) cost factors, and (5) cosmetic concerns. A mini device is placed behind the ear, hidden from view, and a thin, clear tube is placed inside the ear canal. They extend deep into   the ear canal and are not visible from the front or even side. However, if you accept that your hearing will never return to a€?normala€? BUT that it can be improved over ita€™s damaged level a€“ then you will notice a return to more normal communication and an easier time listening to those around you. Hearing aid batteries, or button cell batteries, are the standard in powering hearing aids. It is important to recognize that your hearing aids sound only as good as the battery that is powering them.
In fact, survey says that at least 79 million people just celebrated their 65th birthday, and these were the very same group of individuals who have tried using high-fidelity stereo, listened to hits in their Walkman, plugged in their iPod and iPhone, and a few other technologies that fed their passion for music. Thus, it is important to check out the different types and features of these hearing aids that you can buy for your particular needs and budget.
There are tiny microphones in these devices, and these are used to collect from your surroundings. Nevertheless, the hearing aid is also custom-fit, and it is also advisable for mild to moderate hearing issues.
From afar, it may not be too visible, but when you sit or stand at a certain angle, people can definitely see you wearing this type of hearing aid. Furthermore, there are some people who find it bothersome to use the phone with their ear where the hearing aid is positioned.
When you look in the market for this type of hearing aid, you will notice that they are typically labeled as an open fit, and you can find one with an ear mold fitting quite perfectly into your ear. This is a component of hearing aids that gathers sounds coming from the telelphone while eliminating unnecessary noise from your surroundings. However, you need to have a type of intermediary device, as this receives signals that are sent to your hearing aid. This way, ease of control is made possible whenever you make an adjustment to one hearing aid, which can also be applied to the other.
The same holds true with hearing aids since you can just make any feature adjustments with a touch of a button. This means, you have to first see your doctor to determine the exact cause of your hearing problem.
This is a good way to identify the best device for you, so you will not end up spending a fortune on a unit that does not even meet your standards. However, by having a clear understanding of what a hearing aid can and cannot do, it will be easier for you to adjust accordingly when using the unit.

This is very important since there may be a need to adjust the unit to meet your present needs. Its an unfortunate truth that as we get older, our hearing will begin to suffer, especially if you have been exposed at work for example to prolonged loud noise. If you want hearing aids supplied and fitted at the best price, with the best service, then Hearing And Mobility Wellingborough is for you ! You may not notice as well that your hearing is beginning to suffer ( although you may have family or friends that have to repeat sentences to you, or they may say you have the TV on loud … both are key signs you should have your hearing checked as soon as possible  ), a FREE hearing test costs you nothing, and will be able to professionally assess the quality of your hearing.
Speak to the specialists in the field in Rugby, we will give you honest professional advice, professional cutting edge technology, and full aftercare that is unmatched in the world of hearing aids Rugby. As the image below shows, even CIC style hearing aids would be visible to an onlooker, albeit still discrete. The skin coloured section points out of the ear, with a small tab as shown to make the invisible hearing aid removable easily.
For starters, there are so many types of hearing devices and features to choose from that it can be confusing to choose the “best” one. Once you’ve identified your type of hearing loss, you can start the search for the perfect hearing aid. Instead, most individuals choose ITE (approximately 80%) or BTE (approximately 20%) style hearing aids.
Due to the miniaturization of the component parts (including the microphone, receiver and battery), it is possible to make hearing aids small enough to fill only a portion of the concha (ITC) or fit deeply into the ear canal (CIC). As a local and independent business we are not owned or affiliated with any particular manufacturer.
Nichols we will discuss your lifestyle and needs, the degree of your hearing loss and special needs uncovered in your examination. The canal is left open so normal sounds pass through unaffected and the hearing aid amplifies only those frequencies that are deficient. Due to their small size they can be difficult to manipulate and usually require a a€?removal stringa€? to extract from the ear.
The electronics in your hearing aids depend on a reliable power source that is provided by a high quality battery. Then, the computer chip inside the device converts any sound received into a certain digital code. However, the batteries are small, which makes the lifespan also shorter than larger hearing aids. Since these devices are very small and discreet, there are no more obstructions when you use the phone.
When you talk on the phone with this hearing aid, you will not have too much problem in terms of discomfort since the device is small. It is also made to fit your ear perfectly, so you will not experience any issue when it comes to comfort.
You will also appreciate the versatility of this device, and it can be used for different levels of hearing loss.
It is also worth noting that the price can be rather high, depending on the configurations and technologies included.
However, with a directional mic, you will be able to hear clearly even when you are situated in a place where loud background noises are apparent. There are also some units that automatically switches on the moment you start using the telephone. If you have decided to buy it, make it a point that the power is reliable enough to address your hearing problems no matter how worse it gets. For instance, you have to realize that you will never have normal hearing again even after using the unit since it does not reverse this condition.
In case you still find it really tough adjusting, you can always seek professional support for advice or participate in support groups for inspiration. After all, your success depends on having the right type of hearing aid, plus the correct setting made to facilitate your concerns. Its recommended that everyone over 50 should have their hearing tested once a year, to make sure you catch it early, in much the same way you would have your eyes regularly tested. The IIC Invisible Hearing Aid sitting deeper in the ear canal would make it almost impossible to see, as the picture demonstrates. On top of that, you need a trusted audiologist to help you choose a hearing aid that is well-suited for your particular type of hearing loss. Though small, the more advanced hearing aids are also durable and can withstand the elements. This transition in style, use, and preference is occurring for a number of reasons, including the reduction in the size of the components, durability, and cosmetic concerns on the part of the consumer. All three of these styles have typically been considered to be more modern and cosmetically appealing. This gives us, and you, enormous flexibility in selecting the most beneficial hearing aids for your particular problem. Initially meant for high frequency hearing loss only, recent developments have made it suitable for many more people.
These aids completely occlude the ear canal and often provide a strong sense of ear fullness. These features can reduce background noise, enhance clarity, enhance telephone clarity, and provide the greatest amount of amplification. Using cheap, store brand batteries will cost less money but these have up to 50% less activator (or charge) in them. While this data is applicable to the United States, several people worldwide also find themselves in the same situation. This component also analyzes the sound and adjusts it accordingly, depending on the degree of hearing loss that you are suffering from.
However, for individuals who have a naturally small ear canal, finding the perfect fit may be a bit of a problem.
Since the unit is bigger in size, as compared to in-the-canal types, the price is also cheaper. You will also be impressed to know that some hearing aids can send signals even to the other ear, which enables you to hear clearly even when you only has one hearing aid right in front of the telephone.
Your audiologist will be the one who can assist you in selecting the right hearing aid to purchase, as well as the means to adjust the unit for your particular concerns. A warranty coverage for labor and parts is also another important feature to check when shopping for a unit. It may also take a few weeks to about a month before you become used to having the unit in your ear.
With that, make it your priority to look for an excellent hearing aid that provides ease in communicating and listening comfortably. Plus, some hearing aids are available for a few hundred dollars, while others ring up at $3,000…for just one ear! However, modern BTE hearing aids have become smaller and at times are less noticeable than some ITC hearing aids.
The sizes of hearing aid batteries are listed below along with their standard number and color codes. With less power available the battery will constantly starve the electronics in your hearing aids.
To make things worse, researchers believe that the percentage of these people who are experiencing hearing problems will continue to rise in years to come. Moreover, the existing level of sounds plus your listening needs are taken into consideration as the hearing aid performs its job. Just keep in mind that this device is only applicable among individuals who suffer from mild to moderate level hearing problem. Hence, only one-fourths of 35 million people with hearing problems in the United States consider buying these units because of the expensive price. Signals are converted into sound waves, and this time, the right sound level is brought to your speakers. Some states, however, include hearing aids as a part of medical assistance while veterans can get theirs for free.

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