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This site is dedicated to helping people with a hearing loss get the best value they can for their dollar. Firstly we suggest you shop around - however this is not as easy as it should be because many hearing centres will not offer prices over the phone. Price is not the only factor in getting the best value, a good well established hearing centre will supply quality hearing aids with the correct fitting back up and manufacturers warranty. These are bundled prices for one aid - including fitting and backup for the warranty period (this includes adjustments at no extra cost).
If you contact a hearing aid supplier directly you may be advised to contact a hearing centre.
Most Hearing aids must be programmed, requiring the special hardware and software which is also not available to the public. One customer reported that one Australian hearing centre were offering an $ 4000 price tag on a hearing aid.
If you use an independent audiologist you will get the opportunity to try various brands in Australia. We are currently working on some useful online hearing tests (see below) that can be helpful in self diagnosis and also give you a sense of what a quality hearing aid could do to improve your situation.
Recognising a hearing loss, coming to terms with it and doing something about it are important.
Quality hearing aids now add the clarity and can work in noisy environments where previous aids failed miserably. The following diagram is from a Unitron brochure (hearing aid manufacturer) and is an excellent graphic explanation of where we may have difficulties hearing.
Where many people experience problems is in the high tones - (f s th) and essentially if you have this problem you may only hear parts of words or sentences.

Hearing Aids – Highest Value 32 Channel Digital Hearing Aids to correcting hearing loss because it’s the best approach.
Use this hearing aids comparison chart to determine which hearing aid is best for you from Smaller aids are less visible, but you pay a price for vanity: They offer Find the best prices for Widex Hearing Aids.
Hearing Aids – Prescription Fit Wholesale Digital Hearing Aids, Best Hearing Aids, Discount Hearing Aid Prices and Cheap Hearing Aid Here! A NOWiHEAR Audiologist provides the best hearing aids and hearing aid prices for custom hearing treatment individualized to the specific needs of every patient. Lloyd Hearing Aids dispenses a wide variety of hearing aid products at the very best prices – prices the average person can afford. With the smallest possible RIC configuration, a range of blend-in colors*, and a host of sophisticated features, Pure is designed for complete discretion.
With many aid wearers feeling obligated when an audiologist gives a free appointment and or trial fitting they may be paying too higher price sometimes this can be $1000's of dollars. Some audiologists have claimed we have the second most integrated marketplace in the world. This is some what contentious because it could be that the supplier has a relationship with certain providers or may even indirectly own the chain.
Some providers of hearing aids charge higher prices for better quality aids due to the Australian government forcing prices down on lower quality styles. However be aware that they may be unauthorised resellers and could be obtaining the aids in countries with radically different regulations than Australia - hence it is difficult to get a realistic comparison. Now you can also get lifestyle type heaing aids like the one pictured to the left - the first waterproof hearing aid.
There are some tremendous social benefits in being able to communicate effectively with people.

My idea of buying one and We sell Private Labeled Hearing Aids from the best hearing aid manufacturers Discover how to shop online for hearing aids and get the best prices for quality hearing aids.
Expensive, yes, but well worth the price The new hearing aid companies are aware of the industry's shortcomings and are revolutionizing the way hearing aids are manufactured and sold. Affordable digital hearing aids made in America A free, no-nonsense guide to finding the best hearing aids that fit your personal needs and desires.
The best way to price shop hearing aids is to set up 4 to AidRight Hearing Aids provides hearing aid information to help you find the right hearing aid at the right price.
Nothing but the best digital hearing aid prices Find out where to find the best prices for starkey hearing aids online and in retail shops.
Most professional audiologists prefer to do their own independent test using their own equipment to ensure an accurate fitting so providing a test from another provider is not necessary. Manufacturers in Australia are generally very good at issues regarding warranty and local audologists are also very good at fitting aids. However this customer did shop around and found a centre that offered the aid for $ 3000 dollars. Also most wearers need an adjustment period where the centre adusts the hearing aid based on your experience over a few weeks. A hearing loss is not always understood by others who hear normally, they often make assumptions that may not be flattering when in reality you are just battling to hear what they are saying or make sense of what you do hear.
Many hearing centres are in fact owned by suppliers who have bought up independent hearing centres throughout the country.

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