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Denver’s sludge-trio Primitive Man brought their crushing brand of doom metal to the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence Wednesday night, ripping out the eardrums of the moderate crowd in attendance, although not long enough for them to leave permanent hearing damage.
Maybe with this much intense vitriol being performed, the band can’t afford to play long sets? Opening the show were two locals that brought their own version of heaviness to the masses.
This is the same label that features Baroness, Hooded Menace and Pig Destroyer, but no one can quite match the intensity on record and live that Primitive Man can create.

Guitarist Ethan McCarthy was making the vocals sound like demonic incantations, and making them seem effortless. It might have been the loudest, most punishing sub-half hour the Jackpot Saloon has ever experienced, but those in the crowd to witness it were definitely wishing for more.
A nice combination of old-school, beatdown hardcore that also threw in some twists and turns. The other opening band was Renouncer from Kansas City and they brought their performance with influences from hardcore and d-beat to black metal and death metal.

Another high energy performance complete with sampled intros, but unfortunately only played for maybe twenty minutes.

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