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Well, it turns out it could actually have lasting effects on your hearing.  According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), when a person is repeatedly exposed to noise levels of 85 decibels (decibels is the measure of sound intensity) or more, a person can start suffering what is known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). If you think you hearing has been affected, you should consult your doctor to get a professional diagnosis and a plan for treatment. Ok, so now that we know how important it is to adequately protect our hearing when shooting, we need to figure out what protection will actually work! I also went a few years without using a headset in my early days of flying that probably didn’t help. I shoot frequently both a C9 and a 38 special with the 38 seeming louder but definitely deeper in note. The Hearing Protection Act (HPA) was recently introduced, with the purpose of removing suppressors from the purview of the National Firearms Act. You might not feel the effects of being exposed to excessive noise now, but you will later on when it might be too late.
When you are out hunting or at the range you probably use some form of ear protection, but sometimes we forget it at home or it is just not convenient to wear it, so we go without it. Do yourself a favour and always take the necessary precautions when shooting a firearm to protect your hearing.
So you can see that noise from a 9mm is way over the 85 decibel threshold determined by the NIDCD. As you will have noticed in the infographic, earplugs only reduce noise by approximately 20 to 30 decibels. Using a suppressor on your weapon won’t eliminate the noise entirely, but according to the American Suppressors Association a suppressor should reduce the noise of a gunshot by approximately 20 to 35 decibels. Well, Ephesians 6:16A assures you that if you have your shield of faith lifted high in front of you, you will be supernaturallyA empowered to defend yourself against the fiery darts of the enemy. To give you an idea just how loud a gunshot from a 9mm pistol is, a jet taking off is measured at approximately 140 decibels!
The best protection will be to use earplugs in combination with additional ear protection, such as passive earmuffs or electronic earmuffs. Together with the other protection methods, it will greatly reduce the affect that the noise will have on your hearing.

By combining earplugs with earmuffs, you will increase the protection given to your hearing. Therefore, leta€™s look at Ephesians 6:16 to see exactlyA what it says about us being able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the enemy. First, IA want you to notice the phrase a€?a€¦wherewith ye shall be ablea€¦.a€? The first part of this Greek phraseA would be better translatedA by which.
When a believer lifts his shield high and holds it out in front of himA where it belongs, that shield divinely energizes the believer to stand bravely against every assault of theA devil. It turns you into a spiritual tank so you have theA ability to move your position forward without taking any losses yourself.
YouA see, before Roman soldiers went out to battle, they purposely soaked their shields in water until theyA were completely water-saturated. The soldiers did this because they knew the enemy would be shootingA fire-bearing arrows in their direction. So as we regularly submit ourselves to the Word of God, we soak our faith with the Word just as a Roman soldier soaked his shield with water. And when our faith becomes Word-saturated or Word-soaked, it becomes just like the soldiera€™s water-saturated shield.
In other words, it will be so heavily inundatedwith the water of Goda€™s Word that even if a fiery dart pierces our shield, the huge amount of Word in us will extinguish the flames and put out a potentially damaging situation!A The words a€?fiery dartsa€? are from the Greek word belos. It referred to an arrow with its tip wrapped with fabric soaked in flammable fluids so it would burn with hot and angry flames. The famous Greek writer Thycidides used this Greek wordA belos to depict specially-made, long, slender arrows that outwardly looked harmless; however, the hollow interior of the arrow was filled with flammableA fluids that, upon impact, exploded into a raging fire. Help me to be brave and bold and to holdA my shield high in front of me to stop every attack of the enemy. After reading todaya€™s Breakfast,I understand that I have a responsibility to soak my faith in Your Word soA it can extinguish each and every flaming arrow the devil tries to shoot into my life.
The devil may try to attack me, butA my faith is held out high in front of me, covering my life completely and extinguishing every flaming arrow the devil attempts to shoot in my direction. Are you spending enough time in the Word to see that your shield of faith is soaked and saturated with the water of Goda€™s Word?

Or is your faith so parched from a lack of the Word that your shield isna€™t working anymore?A 2. Can you remember a time when a fiery dart struck that would have normally set everything ablaze with negative emotions and destruction a€” but because your faith was Word-soaked and in place, that attack had very little impact in yourlife? Have you ever seen a fiery dart from the enemy that released a blaze of destruction when it struck? Because the Lord had promised him success in conquering Jericho, he knew the outcome of the battle, but as the day of combat approached, he needed a specific strategy for victory. What he heard the Lord say must have made his jaw drop.A A Can you imagine the soldiers' thoughts as they carried out this bizarre battle strategy? In confusing times like this, it's good to remember three requirements for benefiting from God's instructions. His victory in any area of struggle is available only to those who act upon His directions.A A Submitting to the Lord's timing is also an essential part of obedience.
What would have happened if the army decided to bypass God's plans for the first six days and skip straight to the seventh day's march around Jericho?
They would have missed the victory.A A How often do we beg the Lord for guidance, yet hesitate to obey when He finally gives it? Living by faith can seem like a huge risk when His instructions make no sense or require a lengthy wait.
What he heard the Lord say must have made his jaw drop.A A Can you imagine the soldiers' thoughts as they carried out this bizarre battle strategy? What would have happened if the army decided to bypass God's plans for the first six days and skip straight to the seventh day's march around Jericho?

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