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Ways to practice speaking skill of children,Children can learn and practice speaking quickly or slowly depend on ways which their parents communicate to them.
If you begin to talk with their children earlier, it will be better results even the children do not understand what you talk to them. Making eye contact when you talk with children, help teaching facial expression to them which improve their communication skill of children.
Generally, almost parents like to talk with their children in high-pitched as if they were singing a song to their children.
The researchers had analyzed that 24 pairs of parent-child conversations which their children in the age of 15 to 24 months founded that spending time for talking with children about the objects they were holding in their hands or playing with affect language development of children better than talking about difficult things which they did not see or not interest at that moments. When your children pointed to the dog which was running in the yard and also called it “dog” “dog”, you should tell them more information about dog for example “yes, it is a golden retriever dog which has golden hurry”.
Children can learn language correctly and clearly if you always edit their wrong words that they used by telling them in correct words in terms of meaning, spelling, or grammar so that they can learn the correct way of using languages. Before children are 3 years old, it is the time which they can learn how to talk in full sentences grammatically correct. Furthermore, if your children speak incorrect in terms of words, grammar, or pronunciation, you have not scolded them violently.

Children often take long time to think or recruit the correct words to communicate with you so you should not interrupt his talking by inserting your thought or words that you are sure that  they want to talk. The more you talk with them, the part of their brain used in learning languages will develop more. The researchers from Chicago University founded that a baby whom his mother always talk with him, can learn much more vocabularies than a baby whom mother hardly talk with him about 131 words. It is important for parents to look at their faces while they are talking with their children since they were babies. It is the fact that, infants can respond well and pay more attention if the parents talk with them in short sentences with high-pitched instead of talking with them in smooth tone. Furthermore, you may mention to temperature, smell, texture, or other sensory stimulations. The children can easily remember words about toys or objects which they interested at that time. Even though, your children cannot understand or remember all words that you speak but the information will be absorbed in their learning systems. They will know how to compose into sentences by learning from conversations of their parents or babysitters that they heard in everyday life.

You should always remember that children can learn language quickly and can be confident to talk more if they are not interrupted.
When he was 24 months, a baby whom parents talk with him frequently, can learn vocabularies much more than a baby whom parents hardly talk with him about 295 words.
You can notice the attitude of the infant that he is willing to listen to you or not by observing his moving the limbs in response to the rhythm of the words he heard.
You can also call the name of many objects in their everyday life such as their toy, parts of their body, or home appliances.
Moving limps of a child support learning rhythm of language and also help him understand the meaning of words quickly.

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