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The Future Call EZAi2997DB-R cordless phone is equipped with DECT 6.0 technology, which delivers enhanced voice clarity up to 35db Max Hanset Volume and security features.
With sophisticated big button design, the EZAi2997-R also features large fonts, visual ringers, audio boost up to 35db Max Hanset Volume and caller ID announce. Brand New Includes One Year Warranty The Future Call FC-620BDB integrated phone is a reliable corded phone designed for users looking for a model that offers modern functionality while still providing basic usage during power outages.
Interference from wireless networks is no longer an issue with this system, so you can enjoy hassle free communication all the time. This new series of SSE Series has improved features including text to speech technology allowing Announcing of the number when you dial and has the ability to read and announce the name of the caller*.This system features a Corded Phone and Cordless Handset.

This Future Call phone has a sleek casing and is wall-mountable, allowing you to keep countertop space free from unnecessary clutter. The 14 minute digital answering system features time day stamp, message alert and call screening. The SS E27 + 1 is equipped with an integrated Digital Answering Machine ensuring you never miss that important call . With up to 40 decibels of amplification the FC-620BDB is ideal for those with a severe hearing loss. The XDECT Digital Cordless Phones offer Extended Digital Coverage by utilising a Diversity Antenna System for Optimal Reception and Clarity – by mitigating multi-path errors.

It also features a High Gain Antenna for greater range and to eliminate drop out areas in your home.This hearing and visually impaired digital phone is operational under power failure conditions so you can have peace of mind that the phone will work under blackout conditions. This phone system is perfect for people who have suffered hearing loss and visual problems.

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