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Early diagnosis is crucial for babies and toddlers with a profound or severe hearing loss. With early diagnosis, these children can be fitted with hearing aids or cochlear implants and can then receive early intervention from an early age - ideally before six months of age. At our Hampshire family centre, we have a unique and pioneering partnership with the children's audiology team at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.
Led by Consultant Audiological Scientist, Mr Huw Thomas, Portsmouth has one of the busiest children's audiology departments in the UK screening over 12,000 babies every year.

If their initial screening test suggests that further investigation is necessary, children are referred to the specialist experienced children's audiologists working in our test centre. The audiology team also conducts tests on children during their preschool years, including children who have been referred to our test centre by their family doctor because of concerns about possible temporary or premanent hearing loss. For more details about types of hearing loss and the various types of hearing tests we conduct at our Audiology Test Centre, go to the information section of our website. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.

We are delighted that there is now a national newborn hearing screening programme so that all babies have their hearing tested shortly after they are born.

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