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Impaired hearing affects 14.9% of children, according to the Center for Hearing and Speech, and can dramatically impair language development. In honor of May’s designation as “Better Hearing & Speech Month,” we’ve compiled a list of great mobile apps, primarily for iPhone and iPad, to help diagnose and treat the hearing and speech impaired. Hearing Loss Simulator—Living with someone who is hearing impaired can be a trying experience at times. Speech Trainer 3D—This $7.99 app animates how the tongue, lips and mouth properly move during speech. Eye Contact – Toybox—Previously featured on “60 Minutes” This $2.99 app rewards children for focusing on the human faces displayed on the screen. Hearing loss is a growing health issue for both adolescents and older Americans, with 48 million people nationwide suffering from hearing loss.
Throughout May, we highlight hearing and hearing loss awareness with special events and activities in Newfoundland and Labrador. You may have a problem with your hearing and need to see an audiologist, if you have trouble hearing a conversation in a noisy environment such as a restaurant, are unable to hear people talk to you without looking at them, or have a constant ringing or pain in your ears. Only so much can be done medically for those who suffer, but there are ways to treat and cope.
This free app tests your ability to recognize words from background noise and compares your accuracy to the average score of normal listeners. The 3D demonstration helps the speech impaired practice certain sounds, consonants, and vowels in the English language. Maintaining eye contact can be a difficult skill for children to learn and is especially important for hearing impaired individuals. Likewise, the ZOMM Wireless Leash and the myZOMM app could be a great service to a hearing and speech-impaired individual in a moment of panic. Norah Browne Speak-Off promotes confidence, language development and oral communication for students with hearing loss in Grades 5-12 from the English School District (Avalon East & West) region.

Sophie’s Tales LLC, an educational publishing company supporting children with hearing loss and cochlear implants, announced today the launch of a new magazine, Hearing Our Way, which will change the way kids and teens with hearing loss view their disability.
Although hearing problems are commonly associated with the normal aging process, more than half of all hearing-impaired persons are younger than 65.
A Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist is a highly educated and experienced health-care professional who specializes in evaluating and fitting people with hearing loss instruments.
Many of our local veterans have been provided with hearing aids from the Veteran’s Administration.
A recent update allows you to use iPad and iPhone cameras to film yourself speaking and do a side-by-side comparison to the animation.
The center button can be programmed to call either 911 or a number of the ZOMM owner’s choice when it’s held for a period of time.
The premier issue, which hits homes June 2014, will feature inspiring stories from role models with hearing loss, advice, tips and lessons in self-advocacy. In an effort to raise public awareness for the growing number of Americans suffering from hearing loss, the American Academy of Audiology in conjunction with Welsch Hearing Aid Company is celebrating Better Hearing Month this May. This is a good thing as hearing loss is the #1 disability the veteran’s suffer from after serving our country.
October is National Protect Your Hearing Month, an important reminder to take steps to preserve your hearing health. Additionally, teachers and parents will find Hearing Our Way to be a useful tool in helping their students or children improve listening, language and self-confidence skills. Many have gone to Milwaukee in the past and are now going to the Audiology Clinic in Green Bay. Early identification, amplification, and intervention have all led to earlier mainstreaming for children with hearing loss to enter their public schools.
As a result, students may be one of few children with hearing loss in their home districts.

Hearing Our Way provides a critical point of connection for these children to unite with others across the nation and be part of a dynamic online community.
Additionally, students of all ages and reading levels can benefit from using the magazine as a classroom reader guided by a teacher or parent.
Articles and features serve as discussion starters, and content can be easily implemented into current curriculum, IEP (Individualized Education Program) goals, and Common Core standards.Hearing Our Way premieres this summer at the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s Biannual Convention in Orlando, Florida.
Subscriptions are complimentary for families, schools, audiologists’ and physicians’ offices, and organizations. Creator Melanie (Mel) Paticoff was inspired by her cousin Julie who wears bilateral cochlear implants. Years ago, Mel quickly realized there were no products or publications designed for children like Julie with hearing loss. This motivated her to create the award-winning Sophie's Tales children's book series featuring a character with a cochlear implant. With the launch of Hearing Our Way, Mel continues to integrate her deaf education background with her personal experience to create innovative kid-friendly resources with parent and teacher-friendly language, literacy, and listening content.
In 2014, she launched Hearing Our Way, an educational magazine to teach children and teens with hearing loss to be proud and confident of their differences and to raise awareness about listening & spoken language and cochlear implants. Louis, MO where she continues to create innovative Sophie's Tales products and offers services as a listening & spoken language and deaf education consultant.

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