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Waardenburg Syndrome - The hearing loss in Waardenburg Syndrome may be present in one or both ears and is a sensorineural type of loss. Usher Syndrome - There are three (3) types of Usher syndrome with different types of hearing loss.
The striking features of Waardenburg syndrome may include: premature graying hair, white forelock, fused eyebrows (synophrys), two different-colored eyes (heterochromia irides, usually bright blue and brown), widely-spaced eyes (hypertelorism), high nasal bridge, under-developed nose tip (hypoplastic alae nasia) and partial albinism.
A series of canals called the labyrinth, inside the inner ear, is the main part of the vestibular system and is crucial to good balance.The vestibular system tells the brain where your body is in relationship to things around it.

While high blood pressure is generally symptom-free, it can be accompanied by lightheadedness. While muscle and joint pains are an almost inevitable part of aging, certain conditions that affect the ears, the nervous system, and the cardiovascular system are not. However, diabetes is amongst the most common cause of neuropathy, but it can also be caused by infection or trauma. I sat up carefully and after sitting quietly for awhile, everything in the room began to seem normal again and I realized I needed to see a doctor about my ears.Several conditions can cause vertigo.

Additionally, balance problems are sometimes caused by other serious, chronic diseases such as Parkinsona€™s. When a condition such as an ear infection, allergies or sinus trouble is the cause, vertigo will generally disappear once the condition has been treated.

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