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If you are one of those hearing care professionals who secretly groan when your patients tell you they think their hearing loss is due to the chronic ear infections they suffered as children, groan no longer. According to recent research from Newcastle University published in the September 15 edition of Ear and Hearing, common childhood infections, such as tonsillitis and ear infections, may lead to hearing loss later in life. The study, funded by charity Action on Hearing Loss, is part of the ongoing 1947 Newcastle Thousand Families Study which monitored 1142 Newcastle-born babies from 1947 to the present day, measuring their health, growth, and development. Infections such as tonsillitis, ear infections, and multiple episodes of bronchitis or other severe respiratory infections during the first year of life were linked to hearing loss when people were over 60. The paper, “The Effect of Childhood Infection on Hearing Function at Age 61 to 63 Years in the Newcastle Thousand Families Study” was authored by Fiona Pearson, Kay D. Speaking and listening provide the foundation for all language learning and underpin the successful development of reading and writing skills. Language is the repository of the speakers’ cultural knowledge and reflects their world view. Impact of CHL on Speech and Language Development Hearing children learn the basics of language passively, by hearing it. Semantics refers to the link between our thoughts and ideas and the vocabulary and concepts we use to express these thoughts. Phonological processing relates to the ability to use the sounds of a language to process oral and written language, which allows us to form phonological codes and access a word stored in our brain’s lexicon.
Don’t know how to play with sounds and words, eg rhyming Don’t know what a ‘word’ is so have difficulty understanding word boundaries and segmenting sentences into words: “Ontheweekend”, “smorning” Metalinguistics refers to the ability to use language to think, talk about, reflect on and manipulate units of language. Part 2 Part 2: Oral Language Analyze the two key areas of oral language – vocabulary and phonological awareness – as they relate to childrens literacy.

Literacy and Reading Difficulties in Young Children Partially adapted from LETRS, Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling Development. Speech, Language and Communication Solent Teaching School CPD Alliance programme November 2013. Northern Metropolitan Region Language Support Program Day 1 Tuesday 3 rd May 2011 A teaching and learning program designed to support students with language. CD 5672 Week 3 Augmentative and Alternative Communication Interventions for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Summary of Chapters 12, 13 and. Language Development and Literacy – The Symbol Debate The use of symbols to support struggling readers Damhnait Ni Mhurchu Senior Speech and Language Therapist. ASSESSING YOUNG LANGUAGE LEARNERS Assessing young learners is not the same as assessing any other group of learners. These links persisted, even when factors known to influence hearing, such as a noisy working environment, having an ear operation, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds, were taken into account. Proficiency in speaking and listening contributes to children’s abilities to learn effectively in all learning areas. Semantic organisation describes how we organise incoming information in order to make sense of and later retrieve it. Grammatical rules tell us which words should come before or after others, the word endings we should use and the way words combine to form sentences. The common feature of these genres is the linguistic structures that are used to tell and retell a series of events in time order.
Phonological awareness skills (explicit awareness of sound structure and ability to manipulate structure of words) are dependent on phonological processing skills.

Pragmatic awareness is the knowledge of conversational rules and includes both verbal and non-verbal aspects. Definition of Language Any code employing signs, symbols, or gestures used for communicating ideas meaningfully. Introductions What is SEND Early identification and intervention Inclusion Inclusive teaching Inclusive planning. Creates a barrier for normal speech development and phonological processing Causes delays in the development of a child’s first language and any additional language, particularly when the hearing loss begins at a very young age: Poor vocabulary and semantic organisation Expressive and receptive language difficulties – language structure, word endings, grammar, word order etc. Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum How my child will be assessed Phonics Website & Purple Mash. It assumes all children come to school knowing how to work with language in a de-contextualised manner.
For Aboriginal children, diminished auditory experiences can affect opportunities for learning about culture, law, relationships, etc.
If a child has hearing problems they are likely to have additional problems with story grammar and descriptive vocabulary. We need to be aware that children may come to school with rich language experiences from predominately oral traditions and cultures.

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