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Your support will help us remain a community asset and continue to provide the highest quality productions. Bacterial meningitis has for decades been the leading cause of childhood acquired deafness with approximately 8% of survivors experiencing some degree of permanent hearing loss.Cochlear implants can provide severe to profoundly deaf people who would get little benefit from hearing aids with a sensation of hearing. Adam Hodgkinson and his family are particularly thankful for the way in which cochlear implants have allowed him to continue living a normal life following meningitis.After contracting pneumococcal meningitis aged 8, Adam lost his hearing and became dependant on communicating with his family by writing notes.
Our lives were then taken over by professionals who were to become an integral part of our lives and we are truly blessed by their involvement now. Adam received his first cochlear implant six months after the meningitis had so cruelly taken his hearing.

Adam attended mainstream school and has since been very successful with his GCSE results, is coming to the end of his A levels and has been offered a place to study Geology at Royal Holloway University subject to obtaining the required grades. Adam's cochlear implants have given him an amazing opportunity to succeed and to live a normal and fulfilling life.” Read more on Adam’s story.Has your child’s hearing been affected following meningitis?
Given the proportion of patients with Hb SS disease in this series, this represents a 53-fold increased risk of pneumoccocal meningitis in patients with sickle cell disease based on population prevalence rates. The incidence of haemoglobin SS disease in Jamaica is 315 per 100 000 (7) and given the proportion of patients with SS disease in this series, there is a 53-fold increased risk of pneumoccocal meningitis in patients with sickle cell disease. However, despite their increased risk of acquiring disease, complete recovery without development of sequelae occurred in all patients with sickle cell disease in this study.

Several studies have looked at the impact of penicillin resistance on mortality in pneumococcal meningitis; these studies quote a rate of resistance of 4% to 5% which is comparable to this study (8, 9). Pneumococcal prophylaxis is the most important way of reducing disease incidence and would require early administration of an efficacious vaccine that appropriately offers protection against the pneumococcal serotypes commonly seen in Jamaica.

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