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HLAA was founded in 1979 by Howard “Rocky” Stone, a retired CIA agent, who endured hearing loss from his service in the United States Army. Hearing Loss Magazine, a helpful resource on the latest in technology, medical issues, legislation, personal stories, and more. HLAA would like to show its support of veterans attending by offering a convention registration at no charge. The HLAA Convention has workshops, a trade show with all the latest technology and services, is communication accessible (real-time captioning and assistive technology in all sessions) and is a lot of fun! Please visit our Financial Assistance page for more information about accessing devices at a reduced rate or free of charge depending on the eligibility requirements. Learn more about HLAA’s partnership with the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology to address the educational needs of veterans of recent conflicts. News Story: This story on the Veterans with Hearing Loss program appeared Friday, October 22, 2010 on the Rochester ABC affiliate WHAM evening news. I was injured by suicide bomber at close range, on April 11, 2006, while leading a foot patrol in Rawah, Iraq.
I have terrible tinnitus [ringing in the ears] that I almost have gotten used to at this point. I found out about the Hearing Loss Association of America when looking up support groups in my area that related to the different disabilities. I have only been going to the HLA meetings for a short while but I already feel like a part of the ‘family’ of attendees. Suivez Moi: A Leader in Every Right by Barbara Kelley“Suivez Moi,” is about Mark Brogan, a war hero comes home from Operation Iraqi Freedom with a Purple Heart, a traumatic brain injury, and hearing loss.
Hearing Loss Association of America is proud to present live Webinars, featuring the nation's leading experts in hearing loss. The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) is a tax-exempt, charitable organization and is eligible to receive tax deductible contributions under the IRS Code 501(c)(3). Mention of products or services on this website does not imply HLAA endorsement, nor does exclusion suggest disapproval.
Get in the Hearing Loop Campaign was a collaborative effort between HLAA and the American Academy of Audiology. The Hearing Loss Association of America on behalf of people with hearing loss and the American Academy of Audiology, on behalf of audiologists, announced a collaborative public education campaign, “Get in the Hearing Loop” in June 2010.
Hearing aids can easily and affordably become wireless receivers for use with telephones and hearing assistive listening systems – hearing loops and neckloops – by adding a telecoil option to the aid. HLAA [Retired] Executive Director Brenda Battat comments, “Though HLAA and the Academy have worked together on advocacy issues for many years, this is the first time they have worked together on an educational campaign. Members of the hearing loss community from all over New England gathered together for a program of three presentations. In her opening remarks, Massachusetts Commissioner for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Heidi Reed discussed the importance of partnerships among hearing healthcare professionals and hearing loss support agencies and organizations in providing relevant resources to meet the needs of our diverse population of persons with hearing loss.

Accessibility Specialist Valarie Burrows and the Accessibility Department of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston were honored with the Excellence in Accessible Programming Award for providing exceptional resources to those with physical and sensory disabilities.
A reception followed the presentations, where guests mingled with old friends and new acquaintances until well after closing time! Eat24Hours modernizes the food delivery industry, providing convenience for consumers with hearing loss. Eat24Hours provides customers the opportunity to browse restaurant menus and order food delivery online directly from local restaurants with no additional charge for using the site or placing the order. While people describe dishes differently and communicating over the phone can be difficult, choices displayed on the website’s menus are clear to all. HLAA is the leading organization for people with hearing loss, opening the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support, and advocacy. Eat24Hours is very user friendly; visitors simply enter their street address and zip code to browse a variety of delivery menus from participating restaurants in their area.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. A report from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs estimated that more than 59,000 military members are on disability for hearing loss from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. If you are a veteran and are interested in joining HLAA, then please complete the Veteran Membership form and mail it, fax it or email it in.
For more information about registering for HLAA’s annual convention, contact the Director of Events and Marketing.
The VA gave me a pair of great hearing aids and they work very well, I even have a remote control much like a car key remote that changes volume and programs. I have met a couple my age and it’s great to have friends our age and know we are going through the same things. This is your opportunity to ask a question and learn more about hearing loss from leaders in a number of medical disciplines associated with hearing loss. Mention of goods and services does not imply HLAA endorsement, nor should omission suggest disapproval. Hearing loops transmit the audio from a PA system directly to telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants. However, we still have a long road ahead of us before people with hearing loss can expect to hear in public areas via hearing loop technology.
My feeling was that educating consumers about telecoils and assistive listening systems would not be effective if the hearing professionals were not on board.
The first International Hearing Loop Conference was organized by the European Association of Hard of Hearing People in Winterthur, Switzerland in September 2009. Ordering food online takes the guesswork out of food choices for both customers, and restaurants.
HLAA brings consumers and policy makers together to learn about communication access at the national, state and local levels.

Customers can specify delivery times in advance and take advantage of exclusive online coupons, discounts and promotions. On one occasion he was having a hard time “hearing” when talking with then-Director Richard Helms, so Rocky plopped himself on Helms’ desk and asked him to face him directly so he could read his lips! I sustained a severe penetrating head injury, multiple shrapnel wounds, and a nearly severed right arm. The test results showed that my right ear had been perforated and sustained severe to profound damage and the left severe.
Bratt is chief of the audiology and speech pathology service at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Tennessee Valley Healthcare System in Nashville.
The telecoil functions as an antenna, relaying sounds directly into the ear without background noise just like Wi-Fi connects people to the Web. According to a study compiled by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), approximately 17 percent (36 million) American adults report some degree of hearing loss. HLAA works to affect legislation that impacts people with hearing loss, whether it’s funding for hearing aids and cochlear implants, communication access in public places, or other important issues, HLAA leads the way.
Another time, his old-fashioned body hearing aid was mistaken for a recording spy device and was confiscated.
Everyone just assumes, hey you look fine you must be fine, which couldn't be further from the truth with the hearing loss and the severe brain injury.
HLAA continues to advocate for loops and all hearing assistive technology and is grateful to the Academy for helping to launch a nationwide effort. Yet far too few consumers know about them and not enough hearing professionals recommend them. Rocky earned the Agency’s highest honor and went onto establish an organization for people who have hearing loss and want to stay in the hearing world with technology and strategies. The inner ear was so damaged that my vestibular system was damaged and my balance and dizziness were horrible. Out of all of the disabilities I accrued out of the injury, hearing loss is one of the most noticeable and one with the most frequency of problems for me. Below is the history of the campaign which shows the original logo used to market the program.
Visit our Loop Technology page for more information about loops and the current logos to use. My physical therapist at Walter Reed was fortunately knowledgeable about the Hall Pike maneuver which greatly helped the symptoms but I still have flare ups occasionally.

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