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Wearing two hearing aids allows you to hear more sounds, more naturally, because the human auditory system is designed to pick up sound signals from both ears. Your ability to determine which direction sounds are coming from depends on having two equally functioning ears. Sound from your environment reaches the ear that’s closer to the sound at a fraction of a second faster, and at a slightly higher intensity, than it reaches the opposite ear. With two hearing aids, your capacity to suppress unwanted background noise is improved, making it easier to hear conversations. When you do not wear a hearing aid on one ear, your brain begins to lose some of its ability to process information because of a lack of sound stimulation. Today, there is a whole new class of hearing aids available that can help you enjoy the world of sound. If you think that you have a hearing loss, or would like more information about binaural fittings, talk to a hearing healthcare professional. The vibration of the eardrum moves the three small bones (called ossicles) in the middle ear. We have 3 locations in Calgary: North, North West and South and an office in each Okotoks, Cranbrook and Creston, and Invermere, British Columbia. This includes an extensive case history, Otoscopic Examination, Tympanometry and Stapedial Reflexes, Puretone Air and Bone Conduction, Speech Audiometry and a comprehensive report of the findings. The Hearing Loss Clinic has a close professional relationship with several ENT specialists and will work to expedite care on your behalf.

The Hearing Loss Clinic works with all major manufacturers, therefore, we can offer the best technology suited to the individual needs of our patients.
The Hearing Loss Clinic can offer direct billing to Government Agencies such as AADL, WCB, DVA and Alberta Seniors. Judging distance or depth would be a problem and the world around you would be out of focus. Conversations are difficult to follow and you can’t always tell which direction sounds are coming from. These tiny differences are sent to your brain, which then determines where the sound is coming from and how far away it is. Two hearing aids can also mean that you need less amplification, so you can turn the volume down and hear less of the irritating background noise.
Not only do they provide better sound quality and more flexibility, but they look better too.
We are able to offer fittings of new digital hearing aids, reprogramming, aural rehabilitation as well as general product care and preventative maintenance. It is important that you get your ear canals checked and cleaned on a regular basis in order to avoid future problems. We also deal with private organizations such as Campbell McLauren Foundation and The Elks Club. Wearing hearing aids in both ears is called a binaural fitting and it offers many advantages over just one hearing aid.

With two hearing aids, you should also be able to turn down the volume, helping to reduce the potential for feedback. The earlier you consider wearing two hearing aids, the better your chances of minimizing this risk. The vibrations from the ossicles are absorbed into the fluid channels like waves in a pond.
We can generally remove wax ourselves, however if we are unable to do so, we would inform the physician and nursing staff of the problem and offer a probable solution. That’s because your brain needs input from both ears in order to separate sounds effectively.
The brain is the most important part of hearing since that is where sounds are converted into meaningful information. These bones amplify the vibration and transfer the sound waves to the cochlea in the inner ear.
Bending of the hair cells sends electrical impulses to the eighth nerve which carries the signal to the brain.

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