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Therefore, if you have a point on your audiogram that is charted very high and far to the right side of the graph, you are able to hear a high pitched sound at a very soft volume. Once you understand how to read an audiogram, you must then be able to understand how to interpret the results. By comparing your audiogram results to the ideal hearing range, you can determine the severity of your hearing loss. While it is always good to think positively, you do not want to misunderstand the results of your audiogram.
As Bob has been working in close proximity to loud squealing circular saws, his hearing has experienced a sharp decline in the high frequency region.
Jeremiah is suffering from an illness or infection, which is causing fluid to build in his middle ears.
Discount hearing aids purchased online or in warehouse retailers look mighty attractive to some customers – but these “discounts” can be costly in the long run. Being an audiologist requires a lot of continuing education, but so many of us have been in “that seminar.” That seminar where information is important and relevant, yet the speaker drones on without any interaction from the audience, who are slowly drifting off towards an afternoon nap.
Adjusting to hearing aids is a challenge – and convincing new hearing aid users that they will eventually get used to their devices can be even more difficult. Listen Now chatted with Nikki Hughes, whose firm Beeman Marketing specializes in hearing aid marketing and audiology advertising, about the best way to use direct mail to reach potential customers for hearing devices. People with steeply sloping or profound hearing loss often require more help hearing high frequency sounds. You have probably heard complaints from hearing aid wearers about difficulty understanding speech in loud, noisy environments.

Growing up, I always admired people with ear auricles (or more correctly, pinnae) that are not sticking out. There will be points on the graph along all of the tested frequencies, showing the softest volume at which you were able to hear the tone.
The left ear is represented by the letter X and the right ear is represented by the letter O. As you can see in the picture provided above, this yellow shaded area on the graph forms a banana-like curve. One of our hearing care professionals will help you read your audiogram, allowing you to better understand your hearing ability. Your bone conduction thresholds show healthy hearing capabilities, meaning you may have a restriction in your middle or outer ear. Due to ageing and noise exposure damage, people tend to experience a higher degree of hearing loss amongst the higher frequencies. Many people focus very heavily on the frequencies they can hear well, while discounting the frequencies that are giving them trouble.
These results show that Jeremiah has a conductive hearing loss and that his inner ear is quite healthy.
Who would not want to get two suits for the price of one, or better yet, four suits for the price of one? Read how a new DREAM440 user adjusted to her hearing aids and use our printable guide to help clients who are facing similar issues.
To do this, some hearing aids move or transpose these sounds down to regions where they can be heard.

A new study from researchers at Washington University tested the relationship between wearing hearing aids and balance. If a bone conduction threshold is recorded, these results will be represented by brackets [ and ]. Within the speech banana diagram, you can see where common sounds occur at normal conversational volume.
Once this condition is alleviated properly, sound will once again be able to easily pass through the middle ear to the cochlea. However, researchers were recently presented with the opportunity to look inside the brain of a tinnitus sufferer.
Musicians who wear hearing aids commonly report that hearing-aid processed music lacks fidelity and sounds distorted when it is played at a loud volume.
It was a revelation for me during my first anatomy class when I learned the pinna also serves a very important role in front-back localization (or the ability to tell if a sound originates from the front or from the back).
Using ‘brain mapping’, the results suggest that many parts of the brain - not just its auditory region – are involved.
These two seemingly unrelated complaints are actually tied to the same culprit – an insufficient input limit.

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