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A scientific team in France reports that the absence of a specific protein in the inner ear or impairment of the gene that codes for it leads to profound deafness in mice and humans.
Three types of protocadherin-15 are known to exist in auditory sensory cells of the inner ear but it was not clear which of these protein isoforms was essential for hearing. The researchers engineered mice that lack only the CD2 isoform of protocadherin-15 exclusively during adulthood. The scientists point out that these results provide critical information for the “identification of new components of the mature auditory mechano-electrical transduction machinery.

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The researchers believe that it is possible to consider developing gene therapy strategies for deafness caused by defects in this gene.
Tension in the tip-link created by sound stimulation opens this channel of unknown molecular composition thus generating electrical signals and, ultimately, the perception of sound.
While the absence of this isoform led to deafness, the lack of the other protocadherin-15 isoforms in mice did not affect their hearing.

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