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Since 1958, our grantees have become leaders in hearing research, with many later receiving important federal grants.
Creation of the National Temporal Bone Banks Program, to collect and study the human temporal bone.
Grants in prevention and treatment of middle ear infections, a field where our funded researchers have made significant contributions. Funded research in outer ear hair cell motility that led to a new method for measuring the health of a newborn's ear. Started funding research to understand how sensory cells transmit sound from the world to the brain. Funded Meniere's Disease Study Center for improved evaluation and better treatments of Meniere's Disease.

In celebration of our 50th Anniversary, rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange. Launched the Hearing Restoration Project to develop the first real cure for certain types of acquired hearing loss. Collette Ramsey-Baker founded Deafness Research Foundation to help further research and improve treatments for the millions of Americans with hearing loss. Began funding research on cochlear implants, with later grants in single channel to multi-channel implants, speech perception among cochlear implant users, and implants in children.
Funded research in outer ear hair cell motility that led to a new method for measuring the health of a newborn’s ear. Funded research that discovered spontaneous regeneration of hair cells in chickens, thus igniting the field of hair cell regeneration in humans.

Advocacy for Universal Newborn Hearing Screening legislation increased testing from 5% of newborns to 94% by 2007. Former grantees make up 20 percent of recipients of the prestigious Association for Research in Otolaryngology Award of Merit.

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