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Katherine Bouton, a journalist, answered her phone one day but couldn’t hear anyone on the other end. Bouton had been to many rock concerts in her 20s (she was the theater and books editor for The New York Times) but doctors found no indication that the sudden loss was due to noise or a viral infection or an autoimmune response.
Bouton has written a memoir following the progression of her deafness, Shouting Won’t Help: Why I—And 50 Million Other Americans—Can’t Hear You. Many might assume deafness is a challenge of aging, but it turns out that tens of millions of Americans have permanent hearing loss caused by noises we subject ourselves to everyday.
SmartPlanet asked Bouton about how she coped, some of the more surprising revelations about hearing loss and what we can do to protect our ears. I understand that the leading cause of hearing loss is not age, as many would assume, but everyday noise that we subject ourselves to. Consider that OSHA permits unprotected exposure only four hours a day to noise at 95 decibels, two hours a day to 100 dB and 15 minutes or less to exposure to 115 dB. Some scientists now think that long-term exposure even to more moderate levels of noise — city traffic, frequent rock concerts, wearing headphones for most of the day –- may cause invisible damage that could result in earlier onset of age-related hearing loss and possibility more severe age-related hearing loss. I understand that high-frequency sounds are the first victims of hearing loss and then comes the inability to hear the frequencies associated with speech.
My most intense frustrations were when I was still trying to hide the fact that I had hearing loss. For people with severe hearing loss, a hearing aid just isn’t sophisticated enough to pick up all the nuances of sound.
There are different kinds of hearing loss, caused by many different issues, but the kind you are referring to is called sensorineural hearing loss.
The outer cells often go first, and this causes a kind of muddled signal as they respond to more frequencies than they should. Sharon Kujawa and Charles Liberman of Harvard believe that early damage can seem to be temporary. I understand that portable music players can subject the ear to sound levels as high as a jet taking off, it seems incredible. Is it true that some children’s toys are set to very high sound levels, enough to cause damage? The Sight and Hearing Association at the University of Minnesota does an annual rating of children’s toys.
There is a lot of research being done on hearing loss — can you describe one of the more promising areas, that might lead to real change soon? There is a great deal of interesting research being done on finding a biological cure for hearing loss, either through gene therapy or stem cell therapy.
Have you had any of the following imaging studies done as they pertain to your requested appointment?
Not being able to enjoy talking with family or friends, or listen to some beautiful music would be very frustrating. How is Otitis Media neglected in India?FlickrHearing disorders make it hard, although not always impossible, for one to hear.
Otitis media is one of the commonest forms of hearing disorder observed in the early ages of children.
Global prevalence of Otitis Media suggesting highest risk in India with other associated developing countries – as reported by the World Health Organization.
The main cause behind otitis media is the blockage of the Eustachian tube (a tube connecting the mouth cavity and middle ear cavity for maintaining air pressure) with viral upper respiratory infection or by allergies. India was reported to be associated with the highest prevalence of otitis media with more than 6% experiencing the disorder. The World Health Organization had reported and categorized otitis media as one of the neglected tropical diseases. Most of the school children in India have been reported to associate with at least one episode of otitis media varying from 10% to 20% of the children.
The question does arise as to why otitis oedia holds an immense importance of medical research towards its large prevalence in India. Inflammation of ear drum and infected middle ear fluid in Otitis Media compared with normal ear.

First, you would be able to feel progressive hearing loss with pain in the tympanic membrane (or ear drum) associated with fever. Doctors usually prefer some antibiotics potent to some opportunistic bacteria but some patients inform that they are not relieved with the prescribed antibiotics and experience recurrent stages of otitis media.
Multiple researchers have informed that patients suffering from recurrent otitis media exhibit some of the important characteristics: allergy to cold and dust, asthma, immunodeficiency and family background of ear infections.
This multifactorial complex disorder needs to be prevented with a potential drug to prevent the susceptibility of the disease. About Latest Posts Saumyadip SarkarI am Scientific Communicator of Microbiology of We The Microbiologist, India. Barotrauma is something most of us have experienced when flying in an airplane or deep sea diving.
It wasn’t until she switched from her left to her right ear that she heard a voice asking to speak with her.
She downplayed the seriousness of her worsening condition for 20 years, attempting to cope on her own.
I would literally be twisting myself into knots to best position myself to hear what someone was saying, and then I’d miss it anyway.
Hearing aids were bulky ugly things back then (today they are sleek and virtually invisible). But they have to be fitted carefully, they have to be calibrated by an audiologist, with regular follow up visits.
The hair cells, the tiny cilia in the cochlea that transmit the sound waves to the auditory nerve and from there to the brain, are susceptible to all sorts of toxins.
Questions related to surgery scheduling, cancellation, rescheduling or pre-operative exams must be conducted via telephone or in-person with our surgical scheduling staff during normal business hours. Guest blogger, Saumyadip Sarkar, talks about one of the most common forms of hearing disorder, otitis media.
There are multiple causes of hearing loss and some of them are due to ear infections, meningitis, long term exposure to loud noise, they can also be inherited or due to aging. This middle ear infection is associated with some potential pathogens and this leads to pus development and effusion making a serious condition of inflammation which is termed ‘Otitis Media with Effusion’. The future impact of this disease can lead to hearing loss at the early age of six years old. There are no definite prevalence studies in India and the few researchers that are studying this disorder are mostly from the field of Microbiology and Medical Sciences. Among these, there is more impact of the disease in slums rather than in well sanitized urban cities.
To date no study has been carried out in India to understand the molecular and genetic contribution towards otitis media. The most important factor to consider is that the outcome of otitis media is total hearing loss if it remains untreated. The chronic stage of otitis media is associated with discharge of pus from the middle ear cavity due to perforation of the tympanum. Researchers from different medical backgrounds have been working and have shown insight that there are several genetic contributors of the disease. If a potential drug develops, it might not be equivalently successful to different races of India. When the pressure of the air (or water) around us changes, it can cause pain and a feeling of congestion in the ear.
If you happened to be standing 100 feet from a jet engine taking off (without protective headphones), you might be deafened instantly. If your hearing does not fall within the speech banana you’ll have trouble understanding speech, though you may hear it. The principal toxin is noise, but some diseases (especially autoimmune diseases), drugs like Vicodin and the cancer drug Cisplatin, and a variety of other factors can all damage the hair cells.
But when loud sound or other toxins (like Vicodin or Cisplatin) affect the mechanical response of those outer cells, you begin to experience hearing loss. But they believe that the synapses between the hair cells and the nerves may be permanently damaged, and that this can lead to perceptual problems like difficulty hearing speech in noise (very familiar to many of us), tinnitus or hyperacusis –- a painful condition in which noise often seems intolerable.

It was only as recently as 1985 that researchers like Ed Rubel, now at the University of Washington, found that any animal could regenerate hair cells. The question obviously lies whether the commonest form of this hearing disorder is being neglected? The molecular research advancement is important equally in different backgrounds of research and I feel we should look after this neglected tropical disease in the context of Indian susceptibility risk of otitis media. I am also a scientific communicator and love to communicate science to the readers of varied background of biological mysteries. It does not require medical intervention as the pressure in the ear can often be alleviated by chewing gum, swallowing or returning to the original, stable pressure.
It usually clears up after a few weeks but a doctor can prescribe medications to speed healing and reduce symptoms that can interfere with daily life.
For soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, IED’s and other blast-type weapons can cause instant deafness. The vuvuzuelas that characterized the World Cup in South Africa were measured at 127 decibels.
Very few vowels or consonants fall in the low frequencies but in the high frequencies, 4000 to 8000 hz, you find the consonants f, s, and th.
I’m sure I asked many inappropriate questions, or said things that others had just said, or answered questions that hadn’t been asked. But I also had good hearing in my right ear, and I didn’t think I needed two ears to get along.
Now the challenge is to make them even more sophisticated, so that they make music enjoyable, or allow you to hear in a noisy restaurant as well as your hearing friends do. Is it true that early damage to your hair cells — can show up later in life as hearing loss? Pop them in your ear on the subway or on the street where someone is jackhammering or even in a restaurant. My research interest lies in infectious diseases and host pathogen interactions associated with genetic susceptibility. But more important for the large number of people is continual or frequent exposure to more moderate levels of noise. So people with hearing loss in that area can’t distinguish between “fish” “fist” “fifth” or “fit.” I have frequency loss in the lower range as well, so I have a hard time distinguishing “mmm” from “eeee”. The problem now isn’t that the noise from iPods is so loud (though if someone else can hear what you’re hearing, it is too loud) but that they are often worn for many hours a day.
I avoided any kind of debate or discussion about things of importance because I simply couldn’t follow them.
Most companies have a 30-day tryout period, and if the hearing aid doesn’t seem right or isn’t comfortable, you should send it back and try a different one.
The inner row responds to particular frequencies and releases a neurotransmitter to the auditory nerve fibers. The military is developing very sophisticated ear plugs that allow the wearer to hear normal sound but that shut down sound when it reaches a certain decibel level.
So it’s a sustained exposure over a long period of time, rather than an intense short exposure. Rubel and his colleagues around the country are now trying to understand how chicks and fish do it, and how that could be applied to mammals. I was so stressed by not being able to hear and by fear of making a fool of myself that I had a permanent band of tension across my back and a constant stomach ache.
In 2010, Stefan Heller at Stanford managed to regenerate hair cells using stem cell transplants, the first time this had been achieved in mammals.

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