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Sensorineural: Damage to the inner ear, or the nerve that runs from the inner ear to the brain. Mixed: Is Sensorineural and Conductive hearing losses occurring together, and is the result of damage to all three ear compartments of the outer, middle, and inner ear.
Hearing loss is marked by damage to the auditory system, resulting in difficulty in hearing sounds in the environment.
Configuration of hearing loss refers to being unilateral or bilateral (both ears), and whether the loss is at high tones or low tones, or both.

How is hearing diagnosed?There are several testing procedures perfomed by your health care provider to determine hearing loss and the extent of damage. Surgical manipulation of the stapes bone or complete replacement is performed to restore hearing.
Tympanoplasty and Mastoid surgery: Is reconstruction of the ear drum, and the removal of the mastoid bone and any disease it contains.
Middle Fossa and Retrosigmoid: Is the removal of small tumors It is important to consult with your physician if you are experiencing any hearing loss.

As with most conditions, early detection and treatment can avoid extensive damage and permanent hearing loss.

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