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We have taken a recording of a conversation and given 3 scenarios to help give a person with normal hearing an understanding of the difficulties a person with hearing loss may encounter. Hearing in noise presents an additional problem especially for a person with a hearing loss. An audiogram is a chart created by the audiologist to describe the kinds of loss you may have. Flat hearing losses are sometimes caused by poor conduction of sound from the eardrum through the middle ear to the inner ear.

Flat losses that do not exceed 50 db can be treated by open ear hearing aids or custom made hearing aids that slide into your ear and ear canal. For flat losses exceeding 50 db below 1000 Hz we recommend a custom fitted instrument In The Ear (ITE) or a Behind The Ear (BTE) with a custom fitted ear mold.
Mild reverse-slope hearing loss can be treated with open fitting hearing aids configured with closed tips.
Conductive hearing loss and treatments – Conductive hearing loss is the second most common form of hearing loss. It is how you can know exactly which frequencies are affected and what kind of hearing aid would help restore much of your hearing without making other sounds and frequencies too loud.

Any marks below the 20 dB line of sound intensity or volume means you have some degree of impaired hearing ability. However, most reverse-slope hearing losses that exceed 35 db will respond better to a custom fit ITE or Completely-In-Canal (CIC) hearing aid.

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