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Tinnitus is a condition where someone hears ringing, feels pressure in the ears, and often times has difficulty hearing others. Most cases of ear waxy build up are benign and can easily be remedied by clearing the wax out, but in some advanced cases the built up wax can become a problem both in pushing into the ear drum and becoming sharp, cutting the inside of the ear and causing infection.  In some cases the buildup causes permanent damage to the cochlea and this causes the consistent and annoying ringing in the ears, dulling ambient sounds, and more. Permanent hearing damage can be managed, although difficult at first, there are ways to bring down the noise. You’ll notice when sounds are harder to hear that this is happening.  Also, when wax builds up, you’re more likely to scrape too hard and cause cuts which lead to infection. If you take good care of your ears and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle you should be able to avoid tinnitus and hearing loss. Exposure to extremely low levels of Lead and Cadmium can lead to hearing loss of up to 20% according to a new study published on Monday. Animal studies show lead and cadmium have a wide array of toxic effects on the hearing system.
Human studies are limited, but exposure to high levels of lead has been linked to hearing loss in children and males exposed at work.
Lead is used in electronics and ammunition, and of course can be found in the fallout of lead smelters like the one in Frisco that Exide Corporation operated until recently. Hearing was tested at sound frequencies of normal speech so a loss could make it harder to hear conversations.

Despite banning lead from gasoline and paint, ongoing testing shows that the average concentration of lead in the American bloodstream is still two orders of magnitude higher than natural human levels. One of the most likely culprits to hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) forming is ear wax. One way is by watching your diet and not agitating it with sugars, starches, and salts (in high amounts).
Built up wax can often get shove back into the ear canal and could block sound, this is usually a first clue that a buildup is occurring. Even with hearing loss, this doesn’t change the way you hear the ringing and scratchy sounds.
If you clean your ears on a daily basis, you’re less likely to hurt your ears while cleaning them. Infection leads to more mucus and can cause hearing loss or tinnitus (permanent or temporary symptoms depending on circumstances). The more you learn about it the easier it will be to both prevent problems and to see the signs that they are starting (the best time to fix it).
Although the study does not establish causality, the results support previous animal and humans studies that link these heavy metals to hearing loss. In the United States, the most common sources are old building with lead-based paint, contaminated soil, household dust and drinking water.

It's also a by-product of ore smelting and released in the air from the burning of fossil fuels. Higher levels of the metals either alone or together related to more hearing loss, especially in older adults.
It’s not until it’s deemed severe that it starts to become a problem but there are things you can do when you receive certain cues to prevent a full blown problem.
Salts and sugars tend to misbalance the fluid in the inner ear and causes symptoms to escalate. This is generally the ambient sounds around you being processed through a broke filter- your ear drum. If, however, you let the wax build up and later clean your ears you may inadvertently shoved wax back and not realize it. It’s not able to perfectly replicate or vibrate the sounds and what you hear is a ringing- like a phone line with interference noise as it tries to broadcast to you the sounds on the other end. Hard wax build up doesn’t easily dissipate so every time you clean after a long time the wax builds up.

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