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There is normally some residual hearing, so with early diagnosis, hearing aids will help to develop speech, as will the stimulation of touch and vision. A child may also suffer a hearing loss as the result of an ear infection such as glue ear or a build-up of wax in the external ear canal. It is not easy to spot deafness in a newborn baby: all babies make gurgling noises up to the age of six months.What should I do first? Test your child’s hearing by making a fairly loud noise when your child’s head is turned away from you to see if he turns around.

If he responds, make the sounds gradually fainter and note the level at which he ceases to hear.
Consult your doctor immediately if your child has had an ear infection and you detect some hearing loss.What might the doctor do?
If a hearing difficulty is diagnosed, your doctor will refer your child to an ear, nose and throat specialist for audiometric tests to determine the extent of the deafness. Your child will probably have aids fitted to both ears even if the hearing difficulty is only in one ear.

Therefore, the longer a child is unable to hear, the greater will be the delay in communicating.
It may take time for him to start to use what he’s hearing by way of speaking the words -themselves.

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