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The correlation between stroke and sudden sensorineural hearing loss, know as SSNHL, first showed up when a computer program looking for linked conditions was run on a large insurance database. The hearing loss should be sudden, rather than gradual, to raise alarm about possible impending stroke and other more usual causes of hearing loss should have been ruled out by testing and examination. Sharon WagonerWichita Stroke ExaminerSometimes life throws you in the deep-end without checking if you know how to swim. Hearing Instrument Specialists will test for hearing loss in one ear and determine the cause, as well as offer solutions to the problem. It is quite often that someone coming into a clinic for a hearing evaluation is relatively unaware of the actual significance of his or her hearing loss. Therefore, when a patient with hearing loss in one ear comes along, the clinician should be quite curious as to the possible reason.
It is quite often that hearing loss in one ear is treated with the use of a digital hearing aid.
If you are curious or concerned about hearing loss in general or even hearing loss in one ear, the first step is to set an appointment for an evaluation. A follow up study concluded that a person who presents sudden hearing loss in one ear is 150 time more likely to have a stroke than the rest of the population. SSNHL (sudden sensorineural hearing loss) may be accompanied by ringing in the ears, also known as Tinnitus. Though there is not always a link, a sudden major change in hearing, particularly if it only affects one ear, may be a warning that a stroke could follow.
Sharon Wagoner gained a hard won expertise in stroke recovery after her husband suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke. Hearing is one of the five senses we enjoy that helps to keep us to keep in touch with everything that surrounds us. Remember that hearing loss in general, not to mention hearing loss in one ear, can be caused my many factors.
It’s not necessarily an immediate red flag, but perhaps a caution flag until proved otherwise.

The continued advancement in technology allows the instrument to be fine tuned to the individual’s needs. This information is so new that many doctors may not yet be aware of the study making the link. In case of sudden unexplained hearing loss, a magnetic resonance angiogram, known as a MRA, should be given.
It is used to detect and process sounds in the environment, and to communicate with others. This is usually due to the fact that they haven’t ever had a full audiometric evaluation.
It could be as simple as impacted ear wax, or as complicated as an acoustic neuroma or Meniere’s disease. A thorough evaluation will help determine possible causes and whether further medical treatment is necessary. This is especially crucial in a case where there is hearing loss in just one ear, giving the person back their balance and directionality in their hearing. An MRA is a type of magnetic resonance imaging, also known as a MRI, scan that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to provide pictures of blood vessels inside the body. When there is a reduced capacity to hear, our ability to connect and be involved is limited.
Inner Ear Sound waves enter via the external ear into the ear canal where the sound vibrates on the eardrum. Therefore they are left unaware of the significance of their loss, or whether they have hearing loss in one ear or both.
Patients with sudden hearing loss may be sent to an eye, ear, and throat specialist and not have the needed examination by a neurologist. It is often more effective in revealing a stroke than a computer tomography known as a CT scan. The vibrations then travel to the air filled middle ear where tiny bones send sound to the hair cells located in the fluid filled inner ear.

The hair cells send electrical impulses to the hearing nerve, which relays them to the brain where the pulses are read, and interprets the sound we hear. Excessive build up of fluid can block sound waves from vibrating on the ear drum, resulting in decreased hearing ability. Additionally, excessive cerumen (ear wax) will block sound preventing electrical impulses from ultimately reaching the brain. Cerumen is necessary for trapping debris and keeping the eardrum moist, as well as providing immunity. In the presence of an infection, the eustachian tubes become reddened and swollen, usually having an impact on the middle and inner ear chambers.
Swollen tubes that are filled with fluid blocks sound waves, which results in hearing loss.
The neural or nerve pathways of the ear are important for the conduction of electrical impulses to the brain to produce sound. Damage to these nerves results in the impulses not reaching the brain for interpretation, thereby preventing our ability to hear sounds. Damage to the eardrum can result from pressure from infection, or sticking foreign objects into the ear, causing a puncture.
The eardrum, or tympanic membrane, receives sound waves that vibrate against it and is vital for sending these vibrations to the inner ear. In a nut shell, hearing loss happens when anything interrupts the chain of events involved in the hearing process.

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