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UK hearing loss survey seeks to raise awareness, and encourage more people to seek diagnosis and treatment for hearing loss. Results from a hearing loss survey undertaken in the United Kingdom between October and December 2014 reveal that 46% of British people diagnosed with hearing loss don’t receive any treatment for it. The “Listen Up Britain” survey, for which respondents were asked to complete both multiple choice and open-ended questions, found that 93% of people with hearing loss knew little to nothing about the condition prior to their diagnosis.
Patel recommended that if someone is experiencing hearing difficulties, it’s best not to delay seeking treatment.

According to an announcement from the “Listen Up Britain” project, hearing loss affects approximately 10 million people in the UK. The survey, reportedly commissioned by hearing implant provider MED-EL, involved interviews with over 1,300 people.
The World Health Organization predicts that by 2030 adult onset hearing loss will be in the top ten disease burdens in the UK. Respondents included people who were randomly selected from the general population, individuals with hearing loss, and parents of children with hearing loss.

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