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We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. FCC DISCLAIMER (updated)If you choose Sorenson as your default provider, you can port your existing 10-digit number to Sorenson from another provider or Sorenson can provide you with one for the geographic area where you live or work. In the US, hearing loss to some extent affects 20 percent of the overall populace, or 48 million individuals.
For those who really want to understand the condition—or that suffer from hearing loss themselves and would like some personal perspective—there’s no better source than learning from individuals currently living with diminished hearing. Sarah, the writer of the blog, is a librarian wanting to create a more easily accessible, communication-friendly world.
Shari Eberts, the creator of Living With Hearing Loss, is a hearing health promoter, frequently writing and speaking on the matter and seeking to end the stigma connected with hearing loss and using hearing aids. She introduced the blog to serve as an outlet for her own experiences with hearing loss as well as to establish a network for those coping with comparable issues. The Invisible Disability and Me is a blog about the author’s own experiences with significant hearing loss. February 23, 2014 By Jenny Whitcliff 4 Comments Cookie bite hearing loss is a type of sensorineural hearing impairment that is characterised by the 8th cranial nerve being the cause of the hearing loss. If you are a suffering from Cookie Bite Hearing Loss and you are looking for a modern hearing aid then please read top 5 hearing aids available in 2014. People with this particular type of hearing loss have trouble hearing sounds in the mid frequency range.
This type of hearing problem is not overly common, and can be hereditary or more likely to occur when a child’s mother has had the German measles. Some diseases, aging, and excessively loud noise can all result in cookie bite hearing loss. To make matters a little more confusing when it comes to this unique form of hearing impairment, there is also such thing as reverse cookie bite hearing loss.
In practical terms this means that the person has normal hearing in the middle frequency range, where regular cookie bite impairment takes place. Unfortunately, when a person has this type of hearing loss condition, they will never be able to recover their full ability to hear properly. Standard hearing aids are generally not able to be used by a person with this type of hearing impairment.

A good hearing aid for this condition should be sourced as soon as possible after diagnosis.
Even though cookie bite hearing loss is not able to be improved or cured, sufferers can take advantage of the ever advancing technology available in hearing aids and other related research that is continually providing better and more effective solutions for obtaining a better quality of hearing.
In your article, you mentioned that there are hearing aids made for a cookie bite hearing loss.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. In her blog, she describes her experience of coming to terms with hearing loss and adjusting to life with hearing aids. Tracey, the author of Hear 2 Work, has been on the job with increasing hearing loss over the last 20 years. The blog aims to increase awareness of hearing loss, explain how to recognize the initial signs and symptoms, and reveal the charities and organizations that can help. If you have any personal blogs or hearing-related websites you’d like to suggest, include them in a comment below. Damage to the inner ear, brain or auditory nerve can cause a sensorineural hearing impairment. There are also some other names that are used to describe this form of hearing loss: U-shaped hearing loss, soup plate hearing loss, or pool hearing loss, just to name a few. They normally don’t experience such a problem with low and high frequency sounds, by comparison. The problem occurs when the extremely minuscule hair cells that are located in cochlea become damaged. As the name would suggest, reverse cookie bite hearing impairment is the opposite of the regular cookie bite shape on the audiogram. But they will find that their hearing is not functioning normally in the low and high frequencies.
There are thankfully a number of types of hearing aids which can be used by people with cookie bite hearing impairment, and these aids are able to give the person at least some restoration of their hearing.
The type of hearing aid device that is required is one that is able to specifically amplify the middle frequency sounds, whilst doing so at the expense of the sounds in the high and low frequencies. It may take patients some time to get accustomed to the hearing aid, but most find that they help considerably in living with this ailment.
Regular hearing tests, carried out in accordance with the direction of an audiologist, will ensure that the patient’s hearing ability is monitored over time, with careful attention being paid to any noticeable decline, or possible loss of hearing in other parts of the frequency spectrum, which may eventually require a different type of hearing aid.

My moderate sensorineural hearing loss audiogram looks nothing like I’ve seen so far on other sites. I suffer from a cookie bite hearing loss and I have had such an awful time finding a hearing aid that sounds even fairly close to normal. Making use of humor and personal stories, her hope is that individuals can discover more about hearing loss while benefiting from some of the resources she’s discovered through the years.
Regular human conversation is one of the mid frequency sounds that may be difficult for a cookie bite sufferer to hear. As people age, these hair cells become less numerous and as a result, this hearing loss often becomes worse with age, including the possibility of even high frequency sounds becoming more difficult to hear as time goes on.
This can range from relatively mild hearing loss in those top and bottom frequencies, to quite severe. This is a vital factor when it comes to selecting the right hearing aid for cookie bite hearing loss, because an aid that also amplifies sounds in the low and high frequency spectrums (which the cookie bite patient is able to hear normally), will result in those additional sounds being considerably uncomfortable in loud environments. They may be tested at the same time that the child’s disorder has been diagnosed, only to become surprised at finding out that they too suffer from the same hearing impairment.
It is also thought that some drugs could bring about symptoms of cookie bite hearing loss, including aspirin, streptomycin and quinine.
On the audiogram chart, a reverse cookie bite impairment does indeed look the opposite to the normal cookie bite hearing result. Due to the specialist nature of the required hearing aid for this particular condition then, they may cost a little more than compared with a standard hearing aid. Besides early childhood diagnosis, the most common age that a person finds out that they have this problem is usually in their 30s or 40s. Schools and military didn’t have the technology to accurately test hearing years ago, so it went undetected. Emergency calls made via internet-based TRS may not function the same as traditional E911 service. For example, you may not be able to dial 911 if there is an internet-service failure or if you lose electrical power, and your 911 call may not be routed correctly if you have not updated your Registered Location. As much as I don’t want to have hearing loss, I feel validated for being (finally!) correctly diagnosed!

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