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Though hearing loss affects nearly 48 million Americans, there are often options for treatment. Tinnitus is the perception of sound in one or both ears or in the head when no external sound is present.
Tinnitus is in fact a symptom, not a disease, it is associated with many forms of hearing problems. Using sound therapy, in combination with informed counseling and hearing aids, can bring you significant relief. There are many options for treatment with tinnitus dependent on the severity and the underlying cause. With over 25 years of experience in hearing aid audiology we offer the highest quality in hearing aids & hearing healthcare services. We provide hearing tests, tinnitus management, earwax removal, noise protection and hearing aids in our Worcester hearing aid centre. Helping Oregon hear better since 1992.We provide exceptional service and excellenthearing aids at affordable rates. Don't let a hearing loss (yours or your loved one's) get in the way of your enjoyment of life! At Oregon Hearing Health Service, our goal is to make your transition to better hearing easy for you. We will take the time needed to make sure that you are happy with your hearing aids and that they are functioning properly. Our focus is on providing exceptional service and excellent hearing aids at affordable prices.

Research published by JAMA finds older adults using cochlear implants could ward off depression.
It is not a disease, but a symptom of an underlying condition or malfunction occurring anywhere within the hearing system.
If you have tinnitus and you take medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether your medicine could be the cause. Your emotional response to the tinnitus changes, and your nervous system responds differently as well.
In most cases tinnitus is caused by an underlying hearing loss, it is important that we confirm this and rule out any other causes. In quite a lot of cases correction of a hearing loss with well fitted digital hearing aids will dramatically reduce or even eliminate the impact of tinnitus. The latest technology in hearing aids can reduce the perception of noise, while enhancing the perception of speech. We proudly feature high quality hearing aids from several manufacturers, specializing in Unitron, ReSound, Siemens, and Phonak.
When you call, our friendly receptionist will discover what you want, and set a time for you to come in for your hearing appointment. Tinnitus is commonly associated with the presence of hearing loss however, there are many individuals who have tinnitus and normal hearing.
If your perception of the sound is negative, you’re likely to have a negative emotional response. Many hearing aid manufacturers now include tinnitus therapy options as core features of their hearing aids.

In cases where amplification alone may not be successful, we also prescribe sound therapy. Sound therapy has proven to be an effective management tool for many people who suffer from tinnitus that isn't associated with underlying hearing loss.
Tinnitus can be heard in one ear or two,or not perceived to be anywhere other than inside your head. The sound Therapy that we would normally use would be Zen from Widex, a proven sound therapy strategy that delivers results for many Patients. And a cycle begins that affects your nervous system leading to anxiety, sleep disturbance, depression and poor concentration can occur.
Ask about the marvelous benefits of wireless connectivity of hearing instruments to your cell phone and other devices. It is extremely common for the tinnitus patient to report increased stress, anxiety, fatigue, memory problems, and irritability. Through testing, an audiologist can tell you whether you have a hearing loss as well as its nature and extent.

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