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The biggest beneficiary is the state’s high-speed rail line, which so far has reaped $750 million. HSR is slated to get 25% of annual cap-and-trade revenues, which is a significant sum in the coming years, helping put the project on a more stable financial footing. The state instead should accelerate funds to clean up buses and trucks that move freight, he said.
California ought to do both, rather than undermine HSR and its significant long-term CO2 reductions just because a few people, like Magavern, do not understand 21st century transportation systems. Sacramento Republicans continue to try and strip the HSR funds and redirect cap-and-trade revenues toward road maintenance, but so far Democrats have wisely refused to agree to that absurd demand. The LAO is Mac Taylor who has a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of California, Riverside, and a master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University. The LAO is the voice of the Legislature, or more accurately, an amalgam of the various Democratic committee chairs in both the Assembly and Senate.
The Attorney General is much more a creature of the existing Bay Area political establishment, having a mixture of both traditional Northern California labor unions and Silicon Valley types in her Senate campaign. Either way, the only way for the AB 32 monies to provide a major boost to construction is either as match for the committed federal dollar or Prop 1a cash OR as a way to float a revenue bond with the yearly revenues as the collateral.
As the for AG, she’s kicked ass in the Courts in defense of HSR and holds a publicly elected office.
May 2015 the GOP controlled Nevada State government created the Nevada High Speed Rail Authority chartered to build HSR from Las Vegas to California. Jerry Reply:August 31st, 2015 at 12:22 amHas the governor of Nevada appointed anyone to their High Speed Rail Authority?? And again, failing to understand the nuances of the state legislature is going to frustrate you for a long time to come…. A major boost to construction would require multiple segments be ready to start construction. But if you figure a 15 year construction window and a $90 billion total price tag, you would have to quadruple the House proposal to around $6 billion per year.
As for the cost of the planning studies, I’d hazard (without looking at the Business Plan) that the $750 million would probably be enough to accelerate those fairly quickly, but the timing of the EIRs have been affected by choices the State has made. What will it catalyze and how will a 10+ years from now project catalyze them in a way that actually funding those projects instead won’t? Results for the last California-Quebec auction (August 2015) have been posted by the Air Resources Board. So while your main point is true (taxes are not theft) you can add yourself to those people online who do not know the history of the US. Although I would prefer California getting HSR 1st, if Texas gets it, then California will feel compelled to build it. Of course, Texas is going to need to figure out how to get the $10b or more necessary for it out of private sources, so we’ll see. Also, a company that operates France’s national high-speed rail network is exploring possible involvement in Texas bullet trains, and could be interested in focusing on the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth connection, officials have said. Among them is SNCF, whose parent company operates Eurostar train service connecting Great Britain and France, with trains running under the English Channel in a “Channel Tunnel” — or “Chunnel,” as it is often called.
Joe Reply:August 31st, 2015 at 9:22 pmAnd of course which rail investor defines the standard? The Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth line is a standalone project on the high-speed rail group’s planning documents, but it really is “a linchpin, part of a larger system” that includes Houston, Austin and San Antonio, said Erik Steavens, director of the rail division of the state transportation department.
Whenever I ask what the functional difference is between ETCS and ACSES, no one has an answer.
We’ve looked at the schedule and they are saying the project is only 2 months behind, which does not seem plausible given gantt chart details and remaining challenges. But, as Joe says, the fact is that in a *well-designed*, *well-constructed* system, testing *is* where you make up time. Testing takes longer if you have a typical level of *errors* in the earlier stages which need debugging.
Since voters gave SMART the green light in 2013, the rail line has been transformed from a dilapidated, partially abandoned right-of-way into a modern railroad with concrete ties, long lengths of smooth rail and the foundations for boarding platforms at station sites.
Those versed in Caltrain gobbledygook will no doubt recognize CCF = Central Control Facility and BCCF = Backup Central Control Facility. Then comes Chatsworth and an actual PTC mandate with rules for interoperability with freight.

Then comes the blended system with HSR, who must use a different signaling system for high speeds.
Then it turns out electrification really will happen, which means that all the grade crossings will have to be changed out to be compatible with electrification.
At some point, even if you really liked Betamax, you would go ahead and switch to VHS, since your equipment, by law, must work for VHS tapes.
You will be basically on your own to keep the software updated, which btw you don’t own.
There are definitely some equipment that can be reused if an ITC solution (for now) is adopted. If you had let the Authority set a statewide standard for blended systems, that would be the end of the story. The unique and dynamic demands on the ROW by some of most our wealthy zip codes contributed to this current problem. Instead of any of these, Caltrain decided to pay Parsons to invent and maintain a VCR that accepts both Betamax and VHS, for which Caltrain is likely to be the only customer, yet not even own the intellectual property rights to. Is the FRA going to blended tracks at all, or with freight not be able to use HSR tracks but HSR will be able to use freight tracks where speeds are lower? Jon Reply:September 1st, 2015 at 11:35 pmHow hard would it be for CAHSR to scrap the software component of CBOSS and reuse the hardware for an ERTMS installation? Temporal separation from freight with interlocks and derails would have worked and been legal.
If CBOSS (and electrification) is such a boondoggle then why doesn’t someone take this to NBC 11 Investigative Unit? I contacted NBC 11 some time ago when they were investigating questionable accounting practices at Samtrans and they were interested but I can’t provide the technical details that they need.
Why are they investigating Turner Construction for problems with the building of a Santa Clara hospital? Joe Reply:September 2nd, 2015 at 9:09 pmHundreds of millions wasted on a needless system that impacts 50,000 commuters (working advertising customers) day is not news worthy ? As a reviewer I’d ask if they have agreements in work before recommending proceeding but you want Kenneth Star appointed.
A: BART agrees the noise within its trains is undeniably annoying at times but it is not dangerous. There are times when the noise will peak above 90 decibels, but only for seconds at a time. I think it has got to have to do with that (unique-to-BART?) cylindrical (flat) wheel profile. BART is committed to protecting its Bechtelian genesis and will not change the wheel profile unless under extreme duress. BART has many doors and many openings and closings and many passengers interacting with them.
The legislation to prohibit Cap and Trade funds from being used for High Speed Rail, created by Senator Sharon Runner, R-Antelope Valley, was rejected on Sept.
What really is not around anymore is the US of the 18th century and its notion of democracy.
The UK's leading supplier of earplugs for sleeping, sports, and noise-reduction.Some earplugs are primarily designed to keep water out of the ear canal, especially during swimming and watersports.
Transit agencies in the San Francisco and greater Los Angeles regions each garnered $41 million. Less than half of them reside in districts that will have HSR stations in 2130, let alone 2030. The Governor shall appoint two members to terms beginning on July 1, 2015, and ending on June 30, 2019.
When are the next two sections of the initial operating segment scheduled to their environmental notice of decision?
If you figure California gets slightly less than half of that money, it would be about $1.5 billion per year. You’re saying this to the person who insists that 40-something (per the authority he accept, the CHSRA Peer Review Board) is less than 30? Even in California, I would not be surprised if this number is less than 10,000 households….
That horse left the barn before Clem, Elizabeth, or Robert could close the barn door behind it….

Phase I of CAHSR is planned for completion around 2022-4 (when TXHSR plans for completion as well).
Their plan to put it under power lines is brilliant and, being HSR-only, would outclass CAHSR.
For example, as it stands now, there are no plans by either SNCF or Texas Central Railway to share technology or allow one entity’s trains on the other’s tracks.
It will also be the first commuter train in the state with positive train control, an automated system designed to prevent trains from crashing into each other.
No detail, may as well be reading a drawing with no defined scale, fat lot of good that does.
It wanted it for the usual reasons, plus it was going to be a requirement for mixed traffic, plus they had a problem with drivers not stopping at scheduled stops plus they were thinking very small about solutions to certain grade crossings and station designs.
By the time you make the grade crossings part work, you will have to change it again for the new grade crossing hardware.
This was before the actual PTC rules came out, which mandated compatibility with ITC (ETMS). In their first 2010 proposal to the FRA, they assumed that I-ITCS would be considered an acceptable solution since ITCS was. I think part of the confusion was because since foreign systems vary in this regard, CAHSRA didn’t want to foreclose any potential investor. Now the CalTrain track is going to tie up all HSR track west of the Rockies with CBOSS because of the desire to be interoperable. Clearly some FRA staffer just put CCF and BCCF into Google and chose an acronym definition that sounded vaguely relevant. I have suggested this a number of times but the technical types such as Clem, Richard, Roland, etc. So if someone here could provide the details, then Samtrans-Caltrain would get their wings clipped and get competent management, hopefully saving taxpayers and transit riders tons of money.
But if you ever go to Southern California, see how the other half lives before you rip BART a new asshole or demand MTC staff be burnt at the stake. So the exciting story has to be about how little old underfunded Caltrain is blowing millions on trying (and failing?) to build its own custom solution.
Jerry Brown is working on an ambitious plan for transmitting electricity across state lines and bolstering California’s role in the region, according to energy officials. These may be made of wax or moldable America's favorite foam ear plugs for sleeping, musicians, traveling, studying, loud noises, shooting, and hearing protection.
How long after that will it take for construction bids to be evaluated and a builder selected? Phase II of CAHSR is a top to bottom rail modernization of the Capitol Corridor, ACE, and San Jaoqin lines. In a race to the top, California and Texas would be neck and neck as usual and this is a good thing as everyone benefits. BART found that sound within the passenger compartment averaged 79 decibels over eight hours.
Ear Plugs Check it Out See a complete list and summary information on all of our disposable foam, and reusable ear plugs : Regular Industrial Disposable Buy ear plugs from Comfyearplugs a trusted UK retailer. Other recipients include cities, water districts, affordable home developers, trash companies, environmental groups, schools, farms and individuals. She’s defended both the GHG Cap and Trade and HSR in the courts and advised the use of Cap and Trade is legal. She graduated from Howard University and University of California, Hastings College of the Law.
After construction begins payments will be made to the builder in installments after completion of construction targets. How much additional cash flow do you anticipate will be necessary for your major construction boost and what will it buy?

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