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In 1992, the HEAROS brand of ear plugs was launched to help customers reduce noise, protect hearing and defend against water damage to the ear.
Eighteen years later, HEAROS has transformed into a worldwide enterprise with distribution in 50,000 retail stores in 30 different countries. Assembly of all HEAROS products are managed by New Horizons, a unique organization that employs mentally slow individuals on a full-time basis. As shown on the products page, DAP World, Inc., the company that manages the HEAROS brand, has extended its ear plug portfolio to over ten different categories. Today, the HEAROS brand of ear plugs also includes the world's #1 selling ear plug for women, Sleep Pretty In Pink. No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style.
Hearos High Fidelity Ear Plugs are a breakthrough product that delivers flat attenuation for musicians.
Eighteen years later, HEAROS ear plugs have transformed into a worldwide enterprise with distribution in over 50,000 retail stores.

Known for their comfortable fit, HEAROS offers unique ear plugs including Ultimate Softness HEAROS, Extreme Protection HEAROS, Skull Screws, Rock N' Roll HEAROS, High Fidelity HEAROS and more. Eighteen years later, HEAROS has become America's favorite ear plug brand with ear plug products that cater to the needs of swimmers, motorcycle riders, musicians, hunters, travelers and other consumers needing to get a good night sleep, protect their hearing and reduce noise. With flat attenuation you hear the music just as it was intended, but with the elimination of up to 12 decibels of potentially damaging noise.
They have a cord linking them, so they're less likely to get lost in your pocket or gigbag. For concerts and jam sessions that can exceed 125 decibels, Hearos High Fidelity Ear Plugs are the way to go.
I like how these earplugs gently reduce sound pressure evenly; they really don't mute the highs very much, so you can still hear yourself sing and play accurately. I played some pretty stupid-loud gigs and attended more than a few over-the-top-loud concerts in my youth, and I've found in my new band (25 years later) that I got some tinnitus (ringing) after rehearsals sometimes and always after gigs.
Yeah, I get a bit of grief from the other guys when I wear them, but I hope to be playing out for awhile longer and I wanna hear my grandkids someday.That ringing in your ears after shows is hearing damage, people, and it's not fixable.

Do yourself a favor and get some earplugs, and Hearos block just enough to avoid egregious damage but still let you hear what's important. I recommend them.Definitely NOT just foam plug, but a well-designed tool to attenuate the sound without just muffling it.
They're not ideal for super loud environments, better suited for moderately loud situations, such as band practice or small venue performances.
At band practice everyone agreed to turn down, it does take the punch out of practice - but somewhere in between maybe, so the Hearos ear protection! Tried them last practice for the first time, they did cut down on the volume as stated, not too much loss of fidelity.

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