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Pakalert PressPower Takeover: Are Smart Meters Part of the Largest Corporate Scam in History? Timothy Schoechle, “Getting Smarter About The Smart Grid“Smart spy stateAs if all this is not enough, “smart” meters – in combination of “smart” appliances also chronically transmitting low-level microwave radiation – are functionally designed to collect swaths of in-home private data on everyone.
I hope this decision stimulates market interest in the data.”[12] -Timothy Alan Simon, CPUC CommissionerAnd incredulously, even former CIA Director David Patraeus boasted (in Wired, March 2012) that government will be routinely spying on through their “smart” appliances[13]. Reported symptoms include headaches, sleep problems, ear ringing, focus difficulties, fatigue, heart palpitations, nausea and statistically abnormal recurrences of cancer.[16]According to court-ordered documentation[17], and independent testing[18], utilities have been proven to be lying about how often “smart” meters transmit bursts of microwave radiation. The reality is that more than 6,000 peer-reviewed, published studies have indicated functional impairment, symptoms of illness or disease (ie.
Every “smart” digital electric meter has what’s known as a “switching mode power supply”, which is proven to directly create large amounts of dirty electricity (DE) – or high-frequency energy radiating throughout your home’s electric circuits, essentially creating an antenna cage. The levels of DE caused by “smart” meters can be several hundred times higher than some international safety standards.

When confronted, one government agent would not talk about this on his work phone, but on a private call he confirmed the awareness and concern of the DE health hazard.[24]As stated by Dr. De-Kun Li, a respected Kaiser Permanente scientist whom I interviewed, “I am not aware of any studies that have shown that exposure to smart meters is safe for the human population.”[25]In this complete void of responsibility or conscience, independent research is now starting to clearly show negative biological effects. One such example is demonstrated in our film – the effects of a single “smart” meter on live human blood – and the visual results are staggering, to say the least.[26]Additionally, by many reports there are now well over a thousand home fires[27] linked to “smart” meters, and tens of thousands have experienced other appliance breakages in their home. In almost all regions where people are beginning to rise to their feet, utilities are moving toward an extortive “opt-out” program, charging customers through the nose for the privelege of not being microwaved and surveiled in their home. No longer can a mayor or city council member say they didn’t know, especially when an avalanche of information is presented to them indicating their position on an issue is detrimental to the health their constituency.”[42]Because virtually all of us have utility meters, we all now have direct leverage against a central pillar of the planetary control system, perhaps for the first time in any social movement, ever.
If you have a so-called “smart” digital surveillance meter, demand to have it be replaced with a safe analog meter.
And do not pay any extortive fees.Participating in extortion condones criminality, and is pathetically ineffective – anyone remember Chamberlain’s attempt to appease Hitler?

And to provide a tool that can be used like a light saber of awakening for personal networks, or entire regions.The curtain’s pulled back. Let’s each start by deciding what we are ready to stand for, and then reaching out to family, friends and community.High stakes, huge opportunityWhat’s at stake is nothing less than our basic rights to life, health, choice and freedom itself. When finally understood, this situation is a crisis, but it is also a truly momentous opportunity to claim power back into the hands of the people, by decentralizing energy production within the community, and vetoing the old dinosaurs of leechlike extraction. The insanity of these systems is becoming evident, no matter how well-trained the oligarchy’s PR department.What helps to make sense of this whole thing, is coming to the understanding that governments have become corporate puppets and have been systematically suppressing any tangible solution for decades. We are being asked to confront our existential fear of authority; to go through the proverbial eye of the needle.

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