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By lacurcioWhen I say mystery noise, I really mean a crazy high pitched squealing, screeching, screaming noise coming from my furnace. This city is paving our back alley today, and when I first heard the noise I thought it was coming from one of the work trucks outside.
It is also important to know that my furnace was not on and the fan wasn’t running…but still it was making the most horrible sound! I told the big kids to get out of the house while I rounded up the little kids and called 911.
After the fire department and police drove away, we called our HVAC guy and they sent a technician out to look at our furnace and hot water heater which are right next to each other. This entry was posted on October 13, 2010 at 2:19 pm and is filed under Daily Nuttyness, Family Pictures, The Nut House.
Hey Y'all, don't forget to enter your email address to subscribe to The Nut House and receive notifications . In Owain's 4 short years, he has had 3 Open Heart Surgeries, and 1 surgery to place Pacemaker wires on both his upper and lower heart. I own a 2011 Sedona that has started making a high pitched sound from the drive train area that is most pronounced when the car is moving in reverse.
So with this info any ideas as to what could be creating this sound coming from the drive train area? After a few seconds, I sent Wing Nut to go investigate the noise and tell me where it is coming from.

After switching the main power off, I took the front panel off of the furnace and turned that off as well. We hung out in our front yard and waited as first the fire SUV showed, followed by a fire truck, followed by a police car and finally followed by another fire truck. I tested the car going forward and in reverse at multiple speeds and it is definitely more prevalent when moving in reverse with wheels straight or when turning right regardless of speed. My 18 year old came clean recently and admitted that during one of the very few snow storms we've had here in northwestern Illinois he slid making a turn at what I suspect was a pretty good speed.
Former residents say they remember a similar sound echoing through the night air several decades ago, according to reports filed with Forest Grove Fire and Rescue.
Now that it is not screeching any more, we really don’t have any idea what caused it.
Soooo, my furnace was screaming at me for no reason and my kids are still all bubbling and having a hard time getting back into their lessons.
Hopefully that is all he will need, but we live our lives Praying for the Best while being Prepared for the Worst. It only makes the sound when the wheels are rolling and it makes no difference if the gearshift is in Reverse or Neutral. When I opened the door, a high pitched noise so loud it made my ears hurt came from the area around the furnace and hot water heater. I am so proud of them for their ability to stay calm and follow direction in an emergency situation.

He must of had some pretty good momentum when he skidded as part of the right side wheel right along where the tire bead meets the wheel was sheared away.
It sounded like all 7 of our hard wired smoke detectors were going off all at the same time. I learned that you never really know someone until you are strong enough to stand up and walk away. I rushed to find a pair of shoes…because yes, if I am going to be rushing to do something, especially in the basement, I need shoes. I had 4 firemen in my house and a police officer outside and it turned out that they couldn’t find any reason for my furnace to be screaming at me. I sure hate to have to buy a new wheel in addition to a tire when it comes time to replace the tires.
I've been keeping an eye on the pressure and it appears to be holding but I can't help but wonder if it's a time bomb just waiting to blow out. At first I thought for sure the noise would stop when I turned off the thermostat, but it didn’t.
Then I ran down and turned the main power off to the furnace, but that didn’t help either.

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