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The largest rare pink diamond in its category will be auctioned this month at the Christine’s November sale in Geneva. The diamond was qualified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a fancy vivid pink diamond. Other jewellery to be auctioned on the day are an 1810 beautiful emerald and diamond fringe necklace. If this Christmas you wish to purchase a colour diamond jewellery I can recommend a trusted source for diamond jewellery. The reason for wearing cufflinks is that If you wear a suit in the office cufflinks will upgrade the overall look of your suit.
Most diamond cufflinks will be either set with diamonds only or with an additional semi precious stone.
There are many styles of cufflinks but at H&D Diamonds we tend to use the cufflinks with the hinge as they are easy to use and are well secured. A new baby in the family is celebrated throughout the world regardless to religion, culture or race. Push present is usually given to the mum by her husband as a way of showing his appreciation to the wife. Most women at this stage of the relationship have already has an engagement ring and a wedding ring. If you are not married and not planning to get married it doesn’t mean the new mum cannot have a lifestyle ring as a push present. Some women suffer from water retention after the pregnancy and the fingers may be a little swollen than they usually are so you might want to do your research regarding the ring size at the beginning of the pregnancy.
Pendants are great as a push present as you cannot go wrong with size and the mum will be able to wear it immediately after receiving the gift.
If your partner already has a halo diamond ring match the pendant with a halo pendant for the push present. If the budget doesn’t allow the full on diamond pendant mix it up with a gem stone and you will get an affordable and pretty diamond jewellery.

I would normally recommend to buy stud diamond earring as a push present as babies, when starting growing a little and get curious, will find the sparkly diamond earring that are dangling from mummy’s ears the most exciting things to pull. At H&D Diamonds you can find lots of diamond jewellery to choose from and make a new mum happy.
When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. In 2009, the 5 carat diamond was sold for over $2 million in Hong Kong, establishing a new per-carat record price for any pink diamond.
The necklace was belong to the Orleans family in France, the Aosta family in Italy and was finally part of the Cholmondeley collection in England.
In those days they used to fasten the cuffs of the blouse with a cuff string, which was made of two painted glass balls connected with a chain. It is a very subtle way to distinguish you from the rest as a person of style with a certain status.
If you are buying the diamond cufflinks as a present and not sure which one to choose I would recommend you stick to a diamond cufflinks as the coloured stones may limit the wearer to certain shirts.
Make sure the four holes are in line with one another and that the two sides of the cuff are flat against each other and away from the wrist. In some cultures tradition dictates a new mum gets a gift in others the mum gets a gift for every child she has. The reason for that is that a women’s role during pregnancy and birth is very demanding. This is the time to spoil your wife with a dress ring she will be happy to wear and show her friends.
You can choose for a symbolic pendant that express your felling to her like a heart pendant. Whether it is a lifestyle ring, a dress ring, a pendant, an earring or bracelets you are sure to find a diamond jewellery for your partner.
They can be given as a present on a birthday, for the birth of a child, Christmas or anniversary.

This is a special necklace for the exceptional quality of the emeralds and the delicate craftsmanship and it is estimate at $1.5 – 2 million. However, if you know the person you are purchasing the diamond cufflinks will appreciate a bit of colour, or if his cloths colour scheme will suit the colour of the gemstone then you can confidently purchase diamond cufflinks set with a gemstone.
Then turn the hinge so the cufflink resemble an umbrella in shape and slide the the cufflink through the holes. This is a time when women often find strength they were not aware they had within themselves. If you want your partner to wear her push present, and I don’t mean when the baby starting school, then stud earrings should be your choice. There isn’t really a bad time for gifting a women with a pendant and even more so with a diamond pendant. Having no trace of colour makes is rare 16.08 carat pink diamond a sought-after diamond by gem specialists.
It is traditionally worn on a formal shirt and one may associate it with black tie event, wedding, Christening and other special times. Diamonds are extremely hard yet very beautiful, just as a mother for a new baby is, and this is why diamond jewellery is usually the chosen gift for a push present.
An international specialist at Christie’s said the rare pink diamond is expected to fetch between 23 and 28 million dollars (?15 to ?18 million). However, cufflinks can be worn on a regular basis and once you own cufflinks you tend to build a collection of shirts to go with them. Always make sure the designed part of the cufflinks is facing forward and the hinge is to the back of the leave.

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