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I know that it is not my headphone's fault because I never got this low static sound on other devices and I know my drivers are up to date.
I'm not sure, but maybe you can buy these static filtering stuff, you sometimes see on display cables and put them on the sound cable?! I'd expect this from an older setup, but this is a top spec board in regards to on-board audio so it's a bit of a strange one. If using USB headphones fixes the problem, do you think if I just got an adapter like this [REMOVED] would fix the issue? I know it is not my headset that is the problem because I get the same buzzing sound with other headphones. I am using an external Wi-Fi card that is connected to my computer via Ethernet and my headphone cord does not interfere with any of my other cables.
So when it’s time to get loud, I open a can of whoop-bass with the Sennheiser CX 150 Noise Attentuation Earbuds. Woot may designate a user comment as a Quality Post, but that doesn't mean we agree with or guarantee anything said or linked to in that post. This problem with the headphones has been reported a lot and apparently, most of the times the hissing noise comes from the left earphone even though a few users have said the noise also comes from the right earphone.

If you are also experiencing crackling noise and distortion headphones problem on your LG G3, follow the guide below for possible fixes and solutions. This is simply a matter of the audio circuit not being isolated correctly against the neighbouring components and may get fixed in a later hardware revision of the phone, but definitely not through software. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The most noticeable upgrade you can make to a PC is upgrading a hard drive to a solid state drive. I have this fantastic CPU in a Dell Optiplex 780 DT edition, and to this date, it's still the 2nd best PC that I have, out of an arsenal of seven. This low static sound doesn't come up when I plug my headphones into my computer's front panel headphone jack though. Do you mean a quality router or something like an ebay sourced wifi booster, or somewhere in the middle? According to the users, to fix the crackling noise problem, you need to plug the headphones in, unplug them, make a phone call and then plug them in again. Other users have said that in order to fix the headphones problem, you need to put your LG G3 in charge.

If none of the solutions above fix the problem, try a custom ROM or wait for an official update from LG. GIGABYTE offers all the same high-end components of their top motherboard’s in a smaller form factor.
I have used other headphones in the same port and I know that my headphones are not the issue. That hissing and humming makes me wanna puke and then punch the puke out for being such a wimp. They beat down the whispers of that latte-sipping Mother Nature with a maximum payload of bass response.
According to the users, LG G3 headphones are producing a hissing and crackling noise whenever a song is played. Trying different headphones (with a different resistance on the cable or a TRRS connector (vs just the standard TRS)) can help as can going from charging the phone to not charging it, but no software update will be able to eliminate this.

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