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Every year, the QIANSE designers travel 2-3 times around the world to seek designing inspirations and conduct quarterly researches and designs of new products . The second advantage of owning a factory is to be able to reduce costs and give the profit to consumers.
We have our own plating factory to ensure real gold plating and the strict criteria of the plating thickness.The physical characteristics of human require us to adopt a higher standard of plating process. Since the costs of the plating process and Artisans remain high, so most of jewelry brands choose to lower the product standards to lower their costs. Electroplating is one of our core competitiveness, because one of the highest cost in jewelry industry is plating.

And all the processes are done by hand fully in compliance with the designer's designing ideas and concepts and perfectly showing the designer`s creativity and inspiration for jewelry . More than 90% electroplating factories adopt a plating standard less than one-third of ours.Our products plating standard is 3MIL which is the highest standard in jewelry industry. PLEASE make sure that you buy from QIANSE JEWELRY DIRECT to protect your legal benifits.a?¤ This Blue SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal set is exquisite and elegant. It is also a good choice for engagement or wedding jewelry, which is endowed with special significance.a?¤ QIANSE JEWELRY DIRECT is committed to provide the best jewelry and the best customer services to our customers, your feedback is our motivations to improve.
They are eager for the distant places and they maintain an innocent heart to feel the brilliant and beautiful world.

Be brave to pursue the beautiful fairy tale in your heart , because it is the privilege of being a woman! Wearing elegant jewelry, people remember the woman who wears that jewelry .

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