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The human body is like a finely tuned machine which each of its parts serving a specific and essential purpose. Ear coning does not cause side effects or health disorders, however, side effects may be experienced depending on the health condition of the individual, and because of blocked pores in the ears or the ear canal due to years of wax build up. The process of ear coning is done by placing an ear cone just inside the opening of the ear and lighting the other end of the cone. Caution should be taken for those working in certain heavy chemical environments without using earplugs such as in factories, landscaping, paint, pesticide facilities etc .
Ma'at SebaAnn Arbor Holistic Health ExaminerMa'at Seba is the Vice-President and General Manager of her family owned health food store and vegetarian deli, which has been in business for 24 years. Dr Lau emphasises a personalised and holistic approach to medical practice built on clear, evidence-based management of ear, nose and throat problems.

Other side effects which could be associated with a release of toxins could be: ear aches, itching or soreness, upset stomach, runny nose, feelings of the ear being clogged. The smoke from the cone travels down the ear canal creating a vacuum action, which pulls out wax and other debris into the cone.
Do not use ear coning if you have recent ear surgery, cysts in the ear, ear drains, Vertigo, tumor of the ear, perforated eardrums. She also is an alternative therapist in Reiki(Mastery), Bio-Cleanse, Ear Coning, Therapeutic Touch, and several other types of energy therapies.
Indeed, keeping your body looking beautiful and pampering yourself will make your day truly special.All facial treatments offered at Blossom Beauty House include a consultation and skin analysis with an experienced and knowledgeable skin care professional, who will help you determine the best approach to care for your skin. As with any other part of the body, stress, poor diet and nutrition, and the toxins in the environment will throw the body out of balance, which can lead to illness.

Mastoiditis, Osteosclerosis, Alkalosos of the staples, Paracentesis, Meniere’s disease or are under the supervision of a physician for any ear problems.
Currently there are two local newspapers that she writes monthly articles for on holistic health and nutrition. We will also design a customized programme that will best fit your skin type and skin care needs. A common problem that effects the ears is sinus pressure and infection which can be caused from eating too much products made with dairy, white sugar and white flour, as well as allergens, pollutants or viruses .

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