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Holistic Medicine is the way of the future having highly trained professional doctors using their skills, often saving lives in emergency situations with the amazing available technology, combined with the wisdom of holistic alternative therapies committed to preventing imbalances, and using holistic treatments that energize all four levels of the body.
Hopefully more people will become educated about holistic medicine, which supports people to learn how to live a balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life style.
I am excited to dream that people will become educated enough, that they will use holistic medicine to prevent become imbalanced in the first place so that emergency crisis won’t need to happen. Can you imagine the dream of people learning to meditate and finding inner love, joy and peace? If you love this idea, start today getting a bio-energetic body scan to balance yourself and prevent imbalances from becoming physicalized into disease. In holistic medicine, the sources of the body’s imbalances are discovered so that healing is long term on all levels, not just a symptom temporarily alleviated by a drug that may cause other complications.
Holistic Medicine and Oriental Medicine including acupuncture takes into account and treats the whole person mentally, and emotionally, as well as physically. I provide Holistic Medicine Services Including Professional, Pain-free, And Affordable Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine! You Can Search For Any Topic You Are Interested In On My WebsiteBy Entering Your Search Term in the Google Search Box Below. I was going to put a little cup holder near the frame to hold the backs but I didn’t need to. Holistic medicine, called alternative medicine by some, is a different way of looking at the health and well-being of a patient. Kushmart is Los Angeles, CA's best medical marijuana dispensary with a large selection of marijuana flower, edibles, concentrates and vapes.
Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing provides a range of services to meet the needs of individuals seeking Traditional Tibetan Medicine, alternative and complimentary healing for the body, mind and spiritual levels. In all Traditional Medicines including Tibetan Medicine, there is a common thread within the healing process. Any treatment you pursue with these Doctors of Tibetan Medicine is done so at your own request with the understanding that it is not a replacement for qualified care by a licensed physician.
The practice of holistic medicine integrates conventional and complementary therapies to promote optimal health and to prevent and treat disease. I view the person as a whole rather than the conventional approach of treating the symptom so that it will go away quickly.

There are times when conventional medicine may use treatments, such as pharmaceuticals and surgery that alleviate dangerous situations rapidly, but have side effects that holistic treatments like homeopathy, has the ability to rebalance. In holistic medicine and holistic therapies optimal health of the whole person is the goal and the spiritual level is the deepest, most subtlest energy level. Deepika operates a Holistic Health Center in Boulder Colorado that specializes in Alternative Holistic medicine and Holistic Health practices.
If you are like most people who come to us for help, then most likely you have health issues that are impacting your life AND you have probably tried other methods and did not get results. Tsundu Sengye Nyinda TMD and Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda TMD, LMT aspire is to help people find their own unique intrinsic health and balance through Tibetan Medicine principles and therapeutics.
Finding health within is a process of looking at your individual nature, determining what needs exist, and creating the resources to support you. The Body-Mind-Spirit is encouraged to work together to both change and maintain a healthy equilibrium.
Tsundu Sengye brings over a decade of experience as a traditionally trained Tibetan Doctor and pharmacist. Nashalla Gwyn draws from the wisdom’s of Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese Taoist Five Element Medicine, Jin Shin Tara, Acupressure, treatment of the nervous system and Plant Spirit Medicine. They welcome consulting with Western MD’s, specialists and other alternative medicine practitioners to provide complementary healing techniques. Due to this Tsundu and Nashalla are not recognized as licensed doctors by the FDA, AMA or by any regulatory body within the USA. In this approach the symptom is seen as the culprit, rather than a messenger for the mind, body, spirit of the whole person. Holistic Medicine draws from the expertise of both the conventional and holistic treatments to support clients for the best outcome.
I am seeing doctors practicing holistic medicine using bioenergetic medical devices, similar to ones I use, to energetically check 500,000 possible stressors in a person’s body to find the holistic health of the person. When this is balanced, chances are that imbalance does not happen on the emotional, mental nor physical levels. This machine uses the holistic medicine concepts to balance the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by supporting the person’s body through homeopathy to heal itself and grow stronger in the process of healing.
Deepika covers Holistic Nutrition and provides sound Holistic References here in this website.

While Traditional Tibetan Medicine is the core of their practice, incorporated is the interface with western medicine, alternative and complementary medicines. Tsundu strives to bring Tibetan Medical knowledge into the USA through careful explanation of the basic theories to those who seek his care.
She believes people must be encouraged to access information and continue to learn about themselves in order to grow healthy. In Holistic Medicine the symptom is the spokes person saying help and may not necessarily be the main problem nor the source of the problem. The holistic health shows all their balances and imbalances on all four levels and then create a homeopathic remedy using this information to rebalance the body!
If you are ready to be in charge of your own health, then you have come to the right place. He believes in the long history and reputation of Tibetan Medicine providing quality health care. They make their recommendations based only on ancient and time tested Tibetan Medicine principles and pathology. Holistic Medicine uses conventional and alternative methods to balance the whole person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to attain holistic health. Wouldn’t this be a dream come true as well, a world of optimally healthy, joyous, loving, peaceful people making up humanity worldwide.
His methods of approaching health care is to use traditional Tibetan Medicine principles to both prevent and work on imbalances modern and busy life can aggravate or produce. Let’s face it, she is a teenager, if it isn’t super easy to be clean or organized, it aint gonna happen. We use a combination of diet and supplementation to help balance your body so it can self correct and repair. We use a program high in animal protein and are not able to accommodate vegetarians at this time.

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