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Floppy hats, umbrellas and SPFs lotions can help protect your skin from sunburn, but they are not enough to completely protect your skin from sunburn. Lastly, to prepare for a relaxed summer beach get-away, make sure to include some safety devices, portable chairs and table set, and other essentials. The immune system of the body is designed to protect human from a lot of health problems but there are certain problems in which immune system of the body is majorly responsible. The tissues which are attacked are the ones that cover the nerve ending and are required for proper neurological communication. Turmeric contains a lot of useful compounds that improve the neurological communication between the brain and the spinal cord.
Ginger is anti inflammatory in nature and also contains a lot of anti oxidative compounds in it which are very useful in reducing the symptoms of the problem.
The consumption of Indian gooseberry juice is also recommended as Indian gooseberries are very effective in improving the immunity of the body and makes the immune system more functional.
If your body lacks the required amount of vitamin D then it also acts as a cause for the occurrence of multiple sclerosis.
Chamomile is considered to be s one of the best products to get rid of the inflammation and other symptoms of the problem.
Cranberry provides a lot of nutrients to your body and treats the fatigue and tiredness symptoms very effectively.
Acupuncture is a Chinese method and this method is also very helpful in reducing the problem and its symptoms. It is very important to keep drinking plenty of water each day as it helps in keeping the body cool and hydrated.
Cod liver oil is very useful as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D.
Blood pressure is the force that the flow of blood exerts on the arteries and thus, the heart. Shingles is the common name for herpes zoster that is a skin disorder caused by varicella zoster. Successful medical treatment of shingles is possible using strong painkillers and antibiotics.
The basic idea of the treatment for herpes zoster is to lessen the pain and discomfort associated with rashes.Here are some easy remedies to treat shingles. The other way of using neem leaves for treating shingles is by crushing the neem leaves and applying them directly on the skin affected with rashes.

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory property which makes it very effective in the treatment of rashes that are painful. People suffering from shingles find it difficult to sleep at night because of the pain and itching that accompanies the rashes. Shingles is a painful condition but it can be treated completely and effectively with regular use of any of the above given home remedies.
Also, the patients should cut their nails really short to avoid intentional or accidental scratching of the blisters. In the problem of multiple sclerosis the immune system of the body is unable to differentiate between the body’s tissues and attacks them and as a result there is a problem in communication between the brain and the spinal cord. Several risk factors of the problem are nutritional deficiencies, thyroid problems, genetic history, infections, smoking etc. It also adds the vital nutrients to the body and prevents problems like numbness and fatigue and also promotes a better neurological communication. Not only this, turmeric also helps in preventing the damage to the nerve coverings by the immune system’s attack. Moreover ginger is also very effective in regulating the functioning of the immune system to prevent damage to the body tissues.
Not only this, the neurological coordination and stress can also be regulated by Indian gooseberries.
Due to the lack of vitamin D body is unable to absorb other nutrients and the problem becomes more severe. Not only this, the other content of chamomile also helps in providing relief from the nervous tension and prevents the degeneration of the nerve coverings. Not only this, it also helps in improving the functioning of the immune system so as to prevent damage to the nerves. Massaging your body with warm mustard oil or coconut oil helps in increasing the neurological functioning and relieves down the symptoms as well. However, one must be very regular with these remedies to effectively and completely treat the condition. Since ancient times the leaves and root of the tree are being used to treat various infections including those caused by viruses. Turmeric is also anti-bacterial in nature thus it helps fight any form of infection as well.For treating shingles use only turmeric sticks and not the powdered form of turmeric that is commercially available for cooking.
Regular application of calamine lotion will dry up the blisters fast and also prevent scarring once the blisters begin to fall off.

You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Some aloe products also  contain lidocaine, an anesthetic that can help relieve sunburn pain.
The problems adds lot of miseries to your life and few symptoms of the problem are lack of concentration and focus, fatigue, tingling sensations, dizziness, numbness of different body parts, vision problems, bowel problems etc. Therefore you should increase your consumption of turmeric to get relief from multiple sclerosis.
It is therefore necessary to consume more vitamin D rich foods like milk, cheese and other dairy products to get relief. It is therefore advisable to drink chamomile tea on a regular basis to treat multiple sclerosis effectively.
It is therefore advisable to consume one glass of fresh cranberry juice daily to treat the problem.
It is important to eat a healthy and nutritious diet in order to boost the immune system which becomes considerably weak due to the attack of the virus. You can apply calamine lotion any number of times you wish to. If you experience extreme pain in the rashes then immediately consult a doctor.
Calamine lotion is alkaline in nature and will thus soothe the inflammation caused by shingles. Garlic will not only help treat the symptoms associated with shingles but also get rid of the infection causing bacteria. Cold compress should be applied at least 3 times during the day especially once before going to bed at night. The advantage of using turmeric for shingles is that the medicinal properties of turmeric will help treat the scars left by the rashes as well.
You can even bathe with neem water after boiling sufficient quantity of the leaves in required water.

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