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A bit of a throwback to the 80s, these cute button earrings can be customized with any fabric – to match your outfit or not.
People will be amazed when you tell them that you actually made these gorgeous hammered metal earrings.
Some of the standout pieces of Prada‘s spring jewelry collection were necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings featuring large resin flowers and crystals.
Hex nuts are one of the DIY movement’s secret weapons, simply because they have so many uses.
These are so ridiculously easy to make there’s no reason you should ever buy them in the store. I think we all have a hippie chick somewhere inside, and what better way to let her out than to sport some major feather earrings? Created with little more than pliers and wire, these earrings have serious closet staple potential. We’ve picked out five perfect tees that work with anything from jeans to dressy skirts. Kitchen remodels often call for the refacing of cabinet doors as a cheaper solution to a new installation. What' s Intresting CreativeBug Workshop: Jill Draper Teaches Easy Heritage Knitting Fashion Rowena Ritchie Pick up some knitting needles and reconnect with family members from different generations. We recently had Peter Ingwersen, founder of Noir on record, saying, “Technology will save us all.
Who wants to stick to basic black when there’s such an extensive palette to choose from?

Lily Cole is showing that wearing sneakers can not only be stylish but good for the environment, too. We love how they can transform a simple outfit from borderline boring to head-turning in a pinch.
All you need is fabric, earring backs, a button cover kit, hot glue, pliers and this tutorial by Casa de Lewis.
They do require a bit more work than some, but it’s really very doable following these instructions by My Girlish Whims. This simple DIY tutorial on the M&J blog, created by Thanks, I Made It shows you how to make these beauties using sew-on gems in colors that capture the oceanic and pastel trends of the season.
What we particularly like about these, by The Coveted, are that they use wire instead of beads and pre-made clasps to attach the earwire. But the downside is that the old panels often get dumped in landfills simply because they no longer fit the bill. Snakadaktal – Dance Bear by iohyouparty Every day we bring you one track for a little musical inspiration.
All this week, EcoSalon, in partnership with Gaiam, is offering daily curated sales featuring ethical fashions that are sure to become some of the more well-loved additions to your wardrobe. I think that man-made fibers are truly amazing and will be the new hot thing in eco-materials.
It’s not as invasive as bed bugs or a foreclosure, but not as pleasant as eating pumpkin pie or selling a novel. For one thing, her sweaters reek; but, more importantly, those mothball fumes are laced with dangerous pesticides.

Forward-thinking companies are increasingly using storytelling as a branding device to educate and engage consumers who want to know the impact of their purchases.
The English model has partnered with the French eco brand Veja to release a new line of sneakers made with fair trade work and without destroying the rainforest. Probably one of the most versatile pieces you could ever have in your wardrobe, the jumpsuit has been worn by aviators, Nascar drivers and almost as many edgy fashionistas as toned Olympic swimmers.
Instead of spending tons of money on these baubles, get out some basic tools and make them yourself. Make them simple and black, like these, or crazy and colorful – you can use any kind of feathers. This light grilled fish recipe uses seasoning catfish, but can easily be replaced with any other fish meat that can hold its own on the grill. Stainless steel does not usually bring pictures of blooming flowers and jewelry into mind”¦until now.
I Made This shows you how to turn a pair of plain hoop earrings into colorful statement pieces. Just hearing those words together, I could taste the cascade of sweetness, saltiness, coolness and warmth, all at once, melting in my mouth. If the goal is to look tres sporty,you will score major points with this reclaimed soccer ball tote from Branch Home,$198.

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